Flings Bins Pop-up, Review & Giveaway

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Say goodbye to ugly smelly trash cans during your gatherings. I know I have. I am now in love with Flings Bins! Never heard of them? Fling Bins are decorative trash and recycle containers. They start out flat, so they are easy to store and then pop up in seconds. Perfect for any party. With so many designs to chose from, there is one to add a nice touch to your decor for any occasion. At the same time making it easy to gather and separate trash and recyclables. What a fun and sensible idea! I love the classic look of the recycling design. Guests can’t help but spot it, which means less mess to clean up at the party’s end.


Helping with the clean up and making it easy to do our share for the environment. How could I not fall in love with this product? I’m betting you will too.

The nice people at Flings Bins sent me a couple of bins to try out. I opened them just in time for Super Bowl Sunday. I opened and popped the bin up within seconds, just as claimed. Come Monday morning, instead of picking up and sorting recyclables off my counter tops and tables it was done for me! Nice and neat in the bin.
I am now keeping a Flings Bin in my kitchen for easy access and it’s working. Even the kids are adding their cans to it instead of leaving them on the sink for mom to take care of. I view this as a victory for mom! Thank you Flings Bins!


Portable, attractive, convenient, and easy-to-spot, Flings make clean-up part of the fun – at every gathering, every time!

You can win two Birthday Flings to try for yourself. All you have to do is leave me a comment saying how you and your family are becoming part of the solution to help the environment.

One lucky winner will be contacted by email on February 25, 2010.

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I was provided with a free products by Flings Bins for the purpose of writing this review/ giveaway. No type of monetary compensation was received. The opinions expressed are all mine.


  1. Michelle M says:

    We are helping the environment by changing all our lightbulbs to the CFL bulbs.

  2. nan lara says:

    i don’t buy juice boxes for my son, i think it is a waste of packaging…we buy big bottles of juice and fill up to go cups

  3. nan lara says:

    e-mail subscriber

  4. we recycle everything that we can!

  5. Flings Bins Facebook Fan
    Kristina W.

  6. E-mail subscriber

  7. melissa n says:

    weve changed our light bulbs, he carpools when he can, takes his own lunch

  8. dorothy l says:

    we are recycling and using cloth bags for shopping

  9. We recycle everything, have CFLs, a compost bin, and use cloth grocery bags!

  10. Vicki Wurgler says:

    we recycle and compost most everything, changed our light bulbs to energy saving, we keep our heat low, i use tote bags for shopping and I do not buy paper towels or paper napkins any more

  11. jennette says:

    We have new recycle bins, and plan to do more things!

  12. jennette says:

    I am their fan.

  13. Tabathia B says:

    We take short showers, no letting the water run while brushing teeth or washing dishes. I wash large loads cold water only. I use hot water for towels only. I have cut back on plastic and paper products

  14. Tabathia B says:

    flings bins facebook fan (michelle barrett)

  15. Tabathia B says:

    email subscriber

  16. Courtney says:

    No more plastic or paper bags for us at the grocery when possible. We use the reusable cloth now. 🙂

  17. I volunteer at my church\’s free clothing giveaway. We take clothes headed for the landfill, sort them, and hang them up so the community can come and \”shop\” free of charge. The clothes that are not fit to be given away are then looked over and buttons, zippers, etc are taken from them. Some of us even take the unusable items and turn them into something else ie. blankets, purses, other clothing items.

  18. My family and I have switched over all of the light bulbs in our house, we started composting, we are trying to use re-usable shopping bags for everything.

  19. Jennifer Hill says:

    We recycle everything we can and have cut out toxic cleaners. Plan to get a rain barrel this summer and start composting too.

  20. Jennifer Hill says:

    Flings Bins Facebook fan.

  21. We recycle, re-use grocery bags, request paperless bills from those who offer it, drive gas-efficient vehicles, carpool, request to not have receipts printed at retailers, etc.

  22. Commented on your Watch! Magazine post.

  23. JenniferB says:

    we are using regular plates and cloth napkins instead of paper. We are recycling newspapers and magazines. we are composting all vegetable and fruit peelings, paper whatever we can compost

  24. JenniferB says:

    subscribed with google reader

  25. I am a new subscriber tracietrump@yahoo.com

  26. We bike or bus to work, instead of driving.

  27. Deb K
    Twitter: indian princess

    We recycle everything that can be recycled so these would be great to win!!

  28. Deb K
    Twitter: indian princess

    I am a Flings Bins Facebook Fan.{Deb S}

  29. Deb K
    Twitter: indian princess

    I also subscribe with Google Reader

  30. Jessica P.
    Twitter: JessKafo

    We use cold water to wash our laundry, turn down the heat, recycle and compost…

  31. since recyclying our family has less than one 13 gallon bag of TRASH a week…..i have also started a recylcing program at my work! my nickname is green!

  32. We definitely recycle everything we can. I use reusable bags whenever possible. And my son has started collecting pop can tabs for recycling thru our local school. It’s amazing how those little things can add up!

  33. I’m a Flings Bins FB fan: Cori Eckstrom Westphal

  34. We recycle what we can, and I’m starting a compost pile.

  35. I subscribe to your blog

  36. shelly cox says:

    I recycle as much of our garbage as we can

  37. shelly cox says:

    I subscriber to your blog

  38. shelly cox says:

    I follow you on twitter @shelliclickedit

  39. shelly cox says:
  40. Debbie Jackson says:

    we recycle and compost.

  41. Debbie Jackson says:

    email sub

  42. Jill Kathan says:

    We help the environment by recycling, reducing napkins & paper by using old burp cloths – which are washable and ads for drawing!

    Jill K.

  43. Jill Kathan says:

    Became their fan on Facebook using Jill Mozdzen Kathan!

  44. Jill Kathan says:

    Subscriber by e-mail!


  45. Jill Kathan says:

    Commented on Friday Freebies 2/19!

  46. Jill Kathan says:

    Commented on Free Right Guard Deodorant @ Kroger!!

  47. Jill Kathan says:

    Commented on Buy One Get One Free @ Olga’s!

  48. We have started using reusable containers instead of plastic bags for sandwiches.

  49. Sarah G says:

    Our family made the transition to cloth diapering to help reduce the landfill. 🙂