Frito-Lay Mango Salsa Chutney, Recipe & Review

I have a real weakness for Mango Salsa! So, when I recently received a box of goodies from Frito-Lay this Mango Salsa Chutney was the first recipe I tried.


2 mangoes
1 onion
1 jalapeño, finely chopped
1 handful cilantro
Juice of one or two limes
1/4 jar TOSTITOS® Salsa


Chop all ingredients into similar-size pieces (except jalapeños, which should be finely chopped). Mix together in large bowl. Serve immediately with TOSTITOS® Hint of Lime flavored Tortilla Chips.

This recipe was a big hit with my family. Filled with the smooth sweetness of mango and yet plenty of kick! This chutney is bursting with flavor. We also really enjoyed the TOSTITOS® Hint of Lime flavored Tortilla Chips. They really added a nice flavor to the Mango Salsa Chutney. I’m already looking forward to using these chips with future dip recipes. Like the new Dip Creations Dip Mixes from Frito-Lay.

Five Dollar Shake is a proud Frito-Lay Fan! Free product was received the purpose of writing this blog post. No type of monetary compensation was received.