Cedar Point’s HalloWeekends 2011

If you read my blog or follow me on any social media sites, then you already know of my love for Cedar Point. This past weekend I took the girls to enjoy Cedar point’s HalloWeekends. It was a spooktacular time! We were lucky to have near perfect weather as we enjoyed our favorite coasters like The Millennium and The Raptor. When it comes to Halloween, Cedar Point goes all-out! From our drive into the parking lot the place was decorated with all kinds of fun creepiness. It’s all in good fun, well, until 8:00 pm. That is when Cedar Point get’s serious about HalloWeekends. I have to be honest, walking through the Scream Works area frightened me to my core. I thought last year’s HalloWeekends was scary, this year is truly terrifying! Just simply walk past Blood on the Bayou and tell me you’re gut is not twisting. I know mine was! While my girls enjoyed all of the gory fun, I was happy to enjoy some of my HalloWeekend favorites like fresh hot caramel apple wedges while listening to live music. It was a great time.
If you’re a thrill seeker that enjoys the best coasters, and terrifying Halloween fun, Cedar point’s HalloWeekends is definitely a place for you. We’re already talking plans for our 2012 trip.

Don’t miss Cedar Point’s current Facebook promotion called Climbing to a Million! With the goal to reach 1 million fans, Cedar Point is hosting a sweepstakes awarding one lucky fan the Ultimate Opening Day Experience.

Part of the campaign is Facebook Fan Appreciation where you can print a coupon from Cedar Point’s Facebook page for $10 off of your ticket (when purchased at the park) this Sunday. You can also print a voucher that when presented with your ticket, you will get a sticker to wear in the park and if a staff member sees you with the sticker, you may get a cool prize.

For even more Cedar Point fun and to stay on top of Cedar Point news, visit their official web site and be sure to follow on Twitter!

I was provided with free tickets to Cedar Point for the purpose of writing this blog post. No type of monetary compensation was received. The opinions expressed are all 100% my own.

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