#eBayMoney & My New Year’s Resolution

As I catch up on my blog reads I’ve been thinking a lot of all the New Year’s Resolutions shared. Weight loss, fitness, diet, getting organized. So many blog friends also mentioning their plans for financial changes in 2012. There it is, “financial changes” my one and only New Year’s Resolution – and in reality it’s the easiest of the bunch for me to achieve. Thanks to my love for eBay! I’m already working on my plans and setting my goals. I’m really excited to make 2012 a much more comfortable year for my family and hopefully a lot more fun.

Below is the second video in eBay’s MoneyMakers web series featuring the Sibbersen family. I hope you find them as inspiring as I do. I especially like the focus on Wendy using the eBay Mobile App and taking the time to explain the benefits. Earning enough to purchase a new tablet is my first eBayMoney goal for 2012.

Mark and Windy Sibbersen have used eBay since they first got married to supplement their one-income family. As a new stepmom, extra eBay income allowed Windy to stay home and spend time the kids. They began exploring items they could sell on eBay, including golf clubs Mark was no longer using, as well as buying discounted items to resell online. The Sibbersens use the mobile app with their smartphones and tablet to price, list and track items they sell on eBay. Due to the additional financial resources, the Sibbersen family has been able to take family trips and purchase extras, such as baseball equipment for their son.

I wrote this blog post as a member of the eBay Parent Panel. I hold a com­pen­sated posi­tion with eBay. Opinions expressed are my own and honest.


  1. I used to sell on EBay all the time, like ALL the time! When I moved, I no longer had the ability to store the things I was selling in my basement in an organized way so everything is offsite in storage. I miss that extra money!

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