Charmed Again & By My Daughter

In the late 90’s I fell in-love with the television series Charmed. Sunday night’s were mine to wallow in all of the silly demon fighting, and drama that The Charmed Ones battled each week. Though I enjoyed every magical moment, it was the bond of sisterhood that really locked me in season after season (1998-2006). Having a sister (also a big fan of the show) that is my best friend, I could really identify with the unconditional love that the Charmed Ones had for one another. It’s an amazing bond that sisters share. Through good times, and bad. Just knowing that if big scary demons were to ever attack, my sister Toni would totally have my back, as I would hers. It’s an incredible gift.

Now years later, and thanks to streaming Netflix on our T.V., I’ve been Charmed all over again, and from the beginning. This time experiencing the series with my almost thirteen year old daughter, who is now just as in-love with The Charmed Ones and all of their silly demon fighting and drama as her mother and Aunt have been. Watching it together in our spare time, often late into Friday and Saturday nights has been so much fun. Talking, laughing, and even crying a little as the stories unfold. Now that we’re about to start the final season, I realize how much I am going to miss this time with my daughter. Time not thinking about work, housework, homework, or chores. Time spent just the two of us. It’s been a fabulous way to bond and get to know a little more about my daughter. Someone I am truly Charmed by.


  1. Shana D
    Twitter: shanamama9197

    I used to LOVE that show. I would watch it all the time. During it’s regular weekly episode and then the reruns during the week.

  2. Becca Bernstein
    Twitter: beccabernstein

    That was a cute show. I didn’t get to see it as often as I would have liked but I did enjoy it.

  3. Hollie Jahnke says:

    I used to love Charmed. How wonderful that you got to enjoy it with your daughter too!

  4. It’s great that you can watch w/ your daughter. My mom and I enjoyed watching The Wonder Years and Gilmore Girls together.

    • Jenn
      Twitter: 5_dollarshake

      I’ve heard good things about Gilmore Girls. Might have to check it out next. Thanks.