5 Tips For Selling on eBay

1. Just do it
The best way to learn to sell on eBay, is to dive right in and do it. eBay makes it easy to list your items with their step by step guide and you’ll be surprised how quick and painless it really is.

2. Surf and search eBay
This is a great way to research prices before you list. Also, while doing this you can list your item by simply clicking “Sell one like this” on any live auction. This option makes listing your item even easier by letting you bypass the first few listing steps. I love this feature!

3. Use eBay’s selling tools
eBay has some great, yet simple tools to help you sell. With just a click you can list, add photos, highlight and create eye catching descriptions. You can even share your eBay listings on popular social media sites for even more exposure.

4. Build credibility
Always be honest! Include photos when ever possible to insure the buyer is bidding on the item described. Make your item description as complete as possible, even more so if your item is flawed. Being flawed is definitely not a deal breaker when selling on eBay. Also ship on-time and be fair with your prices. This will earn you plenty of positive feedback.

5. Know your resources
eBay offers a ton of help for sellers and buyers. Take a few minutes to check out the eBay Community pages, a great place for any questions, concerns or just to read advice.

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I wrote this blog post as a member of the eBay Parent Panel. I hold a com­pen­sated posi­tion with eBay. Opinions expressed are my own and honest.


  1. Jessica @FoundtheMarbles
    Twitter: FoundtheMarbles

    Great tips, Jenn. I used to be an avid eBay seller and should probably get back into it. eBay is such a gem.

  2. Becca Bernstein
    Twitter: beccabernstein

    This is good stuff. We have so much stuff around our house! I’d love to bundle it up and ship it out.

  3. Great info, and really just doing it is the first step! I know so many people that said after they listed & sold their first item…”Why did I wait so long? That was easy!”. I’ll be sure to pass this post on to some relatives that are always asking me to list their stuff!

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