The Princess Diaries: 10th Anniversary Edition & The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement Review & Giveaway

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of a cherished family classic, Disney proudly presents a special movie collection featuring two modern-day fairy tales, The Princess Diaries and The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, for the first time ever on Blu-ray!

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The Princess Diaries:
“Mia Thermopolis is the average teenager – sweet, a little geeky and pretty much invisible to everyone with the exception of her mother, best friend Lilly and Lilly’s older brother Michael. Making it through high school without throwing up is a challenge in itself for Mia, so it doesn’t come as welcome news when her estranged grandmother shows up out of the blue and calmly informs her that she is in fact the heir to the throne of a European country called Genovia. Suddenly Mia’s life is thrown into complete overload. She’s being taught about scarves, waves and pears in order to become a perfect princess, she gets a makeover and a tough looking yet sweet bodyguard/limo driver called Joe. Things get out of hand when the media gets ahold of the story and suddenly Mia is thrust into the spotlight in both the newspapers and in school. On top of all that Mia has a choice to make. She must decide by Genovia’s Independence Day Ball whether she longs to relinquish her claim on the throne or to become the princess and heir to the throne that her father and grandmother want her to be.”

The Princess Diaries 2:
“As future queen of Genovia, Princess Mia (Hathaway) has everything a girl could want – except the magical romance she’s always dreamed of. But soon, Mia’s shocked to discover that she needs to get married right now or her family will lose the crown! Comic complications rule the day in this delightful family story about finding out who you really are and discovering what it takes to make your dreams come true!”

I’m thrilled to have received an advanced copy of this double feature to review with my daughter. With my daughter about to turn 13, it’s not an easy task for a rated G movie to capture her interest. Not sure how Disney accomplished it, but she agreed to watch both Princess Diaries movies with me last night. In-fact, we went a head and made an evening of it. We viewed both movies over dinner and dessert as we kicked back together in our living room. Honestly, it was some much needed mother/daughter time that I really enjoyed.

We found both movies pretty entertaining, and charming. Filled with light hearted life lessons in typical Garry Marshall style. All of which I love! Missing from these movies is anything too heavy, which I was relieved by. What they are filled with is a talented cast, and smart dialog, making both movies a real treat. Watch for Heather Matarazzo as Lilly to steal a few scenes. Though the story itself is predictable and holds no real surprises, it works. We both found these movies easy to recommend as they greatly exceeded our expectations.

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