Michigan Dairy Farm Tour & Awesome Got Milk? #Giveaway

I was recently invited by the United Dairy Industry of Michigan to spend the day with a group of bloggers for a tour of the Goma Dairy Farm here in Michigan.

The Van Den Goor family were more than generous with their time, as they explained to us the process of delivering the best quality milk from their cows to our tables.

I was very impressed by the cleanliness of the farm and how well cared for the cows seemed. It was obvious to me that the Van Den Goor family take real pride in raising and milking healthy and happy cows. The farm is more than just a business to this family.

These three were full of curiosity as we gathered near their drinking space. Who knew cows had such fun personality? Not me!

A few facts about the Goma Dairy Farm:

  • The Van den Goor family originally purchased their farm in 1999.
  • The farm started with only 350 cows and has since grown to 2,700.
  • The Goma Diary Farm supplies milk for processing to a local Kroger plant, and also to a local Yoplait plant. 1 in every 10 gallons of milk sold in a Michigan Kroger store is from this farm.
  • Goma Dairy Farm employs 32 full-time employees.
  • They also grow all their farm feed on their own property, and employ local farmers to farm it for them.
  • Milk coming from the Goma Dairy Farm is never touch my human hands, yet it will be checked for quality 11 times before it makes it to your table. That is more than any other food.

Lets talk milk!

  • Milk contains nine essential nutrients, including calcium, vitamin D, potassium and protein.
  • It takes three cups of broccoli to equal the calcium in one cup of milk.
  • The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend those nine and older get at least three servings of dairy every day for stronger bones and overall good health.
  • Yogurt can deliver nearly a third of your daily calcium needs in just one 8-ounce serving.
  • Milk is high in calcium and vitamin D. It’s a good source of protein, and one glass has as much potassium as a small banana.
  • Milk and milk products are by far the lowest cost food source of calcium, and among the lowest cost sources of riboflavin and vitamin B12.

I always make a point to buy local whenever possible. See that 26 in the beginning of the code? That tells me this milk came from a local Michigan Dairy farm. You can find your local code at Whereismymilkfrom.com.

I had a great time visiting the Goma Dairy Farm and learned way more than I’ve blogged about. I would like to thank the Van den Goor family for opening their doors, and welcoming our group onto their farm. They also supplied us with a beautiful lunch, and fun goodie bags to bring home to our kids. It was a great day.

Now, how about that giveaway!

One lucky Five Dollar Shake reader will win this awesome Got Milk? Gift bag full of goodies, a Got mIlk? hat, a 17 piece Magic Bullet Blender, along with a $50 Mastercard cash card!

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