PS3 or XBox 360

We have a PS3 in our living room. Even though it is technically my husband’s game console, the entire family has been using it to game, watch movies, and even listen to music for a couple of years now. It’s a great machine! Easy to use, and to control. Not being a gamer myself, I’m always entertained by how passionate real video game fans (gamers) are about their gaming consoles. Even our thirteen year old has a strong liking to one over the other. They will argue to the death for hours on this subject. I find it so funny, when they do. For example, our daughter, 25 years old, is a big XBox 360 fan. Her XBox is the center of her entertainment, she uses it to also game, watch movies and listen to music. I’ve watched Netflix on her Xbox 360 while babysitting for our granddaughter, and also find it like the PS3, pretty easy to use and to control. What makes one better than the other? Is it the actual games? Yet, the consoles are used for so much more than games. Is it the size and shape of the controller? The size of hard drive or the online interface? I’d really like to know. They seem pretty equal to me, yet the owners of both, like my husband and daughter will no doubt continue to argue that not to be the case. As I will continue to shake my head and to be entertained by listening.

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post. The blog is still honest and my own opinions.


  1. Thomas Murphy says:

    They are both good but I gotta go with the PS3.