Take Control With UPS My Choice: It’s #Free

Sign up for a free membership at UPS My Choice and you’ll get alerts before packages arrive so you can plan ahead, electronically authorize packages for drop-off, re-route to other locations and many other options.

UPS My Choice put’s you in control of your deliveries! With delivery alerts before the first attempt there will be no more sitting around waiting endlessly for a package to arrive or even worse, you come home just to find out you missed them. And you’ll also have the power to redirect or reschedule deliveries to fit your needs.

I love the benefits that come with UPS My Choice! With how busy and on the go my family is each summer, it’s nice to know when a package is going to be delivered. Having the option to call a friend to pick it up or place it inside my house gives me a lot less to worry about! Did I mention UPS My Choice is free!? Hello! It’s a no brainer.

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