The #eBayThanksYou Campaign

I have done a lot of blogging over the years expressing my love for all things eBay. Over the past decade, the use of eBay has helped my family not only supplement income when needed, but to also build up and stretch our everyday budget. Giving us more freedom to create fun memories as a family.

Below is my fun top ten list of what eBay means to me.

10. Winning! I can still remember bidding on my first item. Watching the final minutes count down and how excited I was to see ” You are the winner of this item”. Big or small – this never gets old.

09. Selling. It didn’t take me long after I was introduced to eBay to jump on the selling wagon. Not only has this helped rid clutter from our home, it’s really helped our family budget.

08. Memories. The perfect mother/ daughter day at Cedar Point. Completely funded my eBay earnings!

07. Fun! I love to search eBay for fun and unique items. Like my Pulp Fiction alarm clock. Now that’s a fun find! Where else but eBay?

06. Profit! Profit while trading up. Yes, I did! I once sold my daughter’s discontinued twin size bed spread for more than I paid for the same bed spread in a full size. I was honestly paid to trade up. I’ve also had this luck with books. Selling them for more than I paid, and funding my next read. No where else but eBay!

05.Coupons. My husband does a lot of remodeling work. I continue to score great deals, paying only pennies for hardware store coupons on eBay. This has literally saved us hundreds over the past two years alone.

04. Goals and Rewards. My family has recently set goals and rewards for using eBay. I was the first to reach my goal of selling items and earning enough to fund an iPad. Something I’ve been wanting for a while, but just wasn’t in our budget.

03. Green. Finding ways to live more green has been a constant effort of mine. Can you think of anything more green than resale in-place of retail? Nope. eBay even has their own green specialists. I love the eBay Green Team !

02. Income. eBay is a great place to quickly increase or supplement income. I was a stay at home mom for a very short time. I was also laid off for a while, not that long ago. Both of these took a huge hit on our family budget. Both of these times I was shocked at how many items, toys and unwanted or outgrown articles of clothing I was able to find and sell on eBay. Keeping my family pretty close to the life style we were accustom to until returning to work.

01. Giving! I LOVE that you can support your favorite cause by participating in the eBay Giving Works program. Donate 10% to 100% or simply visit and make a donation. Be sure to follow eBay Giving Works on Facebook.

Speaking of giving! eBay recently launched a campaign entitled “eBay Thanks You” and the message is clear, “To our inspiring eBay community: Thank You”.

eBay Thanks You — Michael J. Fox

Above is a look at just one of the series of videos detailing the good that has come from buying and selling through eBay Giving Works.  In 2011, the eBay community raised $63 million to help support non-profits.

The “eBay Thanks You” Campaign is filled with inspiration! I encourage you you to visit and view more videos on the eBay YouTube page. I must warn you, the feeling is contagious, be ready to be be inspired.

The new eBay Thanks You campaign is an exciting way for eBay to give back to its community.

It is also a chance for eBay to give to you! eBay users from now through November 6 will be given Exclusive Daily Deals, and the opportunity to Enter to win exciting prizes daily and weekly, including a shiny new car.

What are you waiting for? Enter now!

I wrote this blog post as a member of the eBay Parent Panel. I hold a com­pen­sated posi­tion with eBay. Opinions expressed are still my own and always honest.

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