Our Magical Weekend @ Great Wolf Lodge #MagiQuest

Great Wolf Lodge, North America’s largest indoor water-park resorts, offers more than just water play!

We recently joined local Big Brothers, Big Sisters at Great Wolf Lodge, Sandusky to help kick-off their new live-action game called MagiQuest! It was an enchanted and magical weekend to say the least.

The girls really enjoyed the game, just as much as we enjoyed watching them. With a little strategy help from us, and a lot of help from our thirteen year old, Becca (5) was able to search out and conquer her quest! Her little face lit up as she was totally amazed by performing “real” magic throughout the lodge. It was so much fun for the whole family.

“With a magic wand in-hand, you’ll explore an enchanted kingdom and join in the ultimate adventure as you enchant objects, befriend a pixie, learn from an ancient wizard, battle a goblin and outwit a dragon. We guarantee this live-action adventure game is unlike any other you’ve ever played. You’re sure to become legendary when the getaway you planned becomes epic.”

MagiQuest, live-action adventure game is now at all 11 of the Great Wolf Lodge locations for guests to enjoy and explore the resort. The game it’s self is very clever. It’s a lot of fun for the whole family. The MagiQuest Wand Shop has everything you need to start your journey. Even fun costumes! The wands START at $9.99 and can be recharged over your next visit, making them a great investment if you plan to return.

Disclosure: My family had the pleasure of being invited by Great Wolf Lodge to take part in this media event. Free products were received. Compensation in the form of meals and discounted lodging was received. Opinions expressed and photos used in this blog post are 100% honest and my own.

Five Dollar Shake is a continued Great Wolf Lodge supporter! Search and enjoy my previous G.W.L. family fun blog post here.


  1. saminder gumer says:

    that seems like such a great time. i don’t live nearby, but if i am ever near there i will definitely take the kids with me.

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