My Q&A with Actress Marlene Forte

More than an actress, Marlene is a “working” actress who has proven Hollywood wrong by breaking every rule in the book!

When Marlene turned 30, she decided to become an actress. That’s a late start for most occupations; in Hollywood it’s nearly unheard of. But for Cuban born girl named for one of Tinseltown’s brightest stars (Marlene Dietrich) perhaps the journey was predestined. Now Forte has carved for herself a successful career. She has done it all – she has experienced motherhood, owned a business (video store) and lived a full life before setting foot on a stage.

Today, a “working” actress, whom not only proved the industry wrong by breaking Hollywood stereotypes, but also found a niche as a”character” actor playing one (memorable) role at a time.

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I recently had the pleasure of asking Marlene a few questions about how she’s managed her career, along with motherhood, and what she enjoys most about being on the explosive TNT reboot of Dallas.

First of all I’d like to commend you on such a successful career. Looking over your body of work, I admire how many strong and interesting women you have played over the years. That must be rewarding.

Do you have any advice for young women trying to make it in the industry today?

Thank you for your kind words about my work. My first piece advice is “be strong”. My second piece of advise is “stay strong”! Lol. I’m not really sure how I got here. I always focused on the work. I just want, and wanted, to work. It never matter if it was a commercial or a play or an industrial! I just focused on the work. My work would get me my next job! The ‘stength’ is needed to get you through the rejections. Even after 20 years, that is the hardest part. So my last piece of advice is, if you can “imagine” yourself doing ANY thing else, do that! Acting is a difficult choice and it must be your only choice.

You’ve not only managed to stay successful within a demanding career, but you’ve also managed motherhood. Any advice for women who worry that can’t do both?

I had my daughter at a very young age. She is my best production to date! She probably saved my life. I was never able to get too crazy in my youth because I knew I had a little girl depending on me. I was also very lucky to have family support. Both family! Mine and her dad’s. I took all the help I could get. It takes a village and I made sure I had my village! I do feel very blessed. But I never had any more children and I have 2 failed marriages because I choose NOT to have any more. I chose my career. And those choices came with consequences. I am very happily married for the last 7 years now but it was not an easy journey. This is why it’s so important to be very sure about your choices. No regrets.

Dallas! How exciting that must be. What do you enjoy the most about being a part of this series?

I love the cast! I love the producers! I love my character! And I had the amazing opportunity to work with Mr Hagman! This has been a joy. I hope it goes as long as the original! I am going through withdrawals already!

If your career were to end today, what about it would you miss the most?

I would miss everything! I love what I do. I want to do it till I am no longer on this earth!


Far from being a flash in the pan, Marlene Forte’s star steadily continues to rise cementing her status as an enduring talent. Forte can next be seen on the big screen in Tyler Perry’ s feature film “Single Moms Club” opposite Terry Crew, Amy Smart, Eddie Cibrian and Tyler Perry. Along with a slew of acting roles in upcoming film and TV projects coming out soon, from season 2 of “Dallas”, the directorial debut of Marlon Wayans’ “A Haunted House”, not to forget ABC Family’s “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”, Forte is keeping more than busy these days!

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I’d like to thank Marlene Forte for taking the time to answer my questions. I hope my readers walk away feeling as inspired by her career as I have. Her journey from the video counter to the big screen is one of great inspiration and motivation – proving that talent and persistence can pay off.




  1. Sandy VanHoey says:

    Just commented on your facebook page about this. Interview was great and I loved her attitude to stay strong.

  2. Kimberly Schotz says:

    I am looking forward to seeing the film Single Moms Club, what a great cast.

  3. Garf
    Twitter: g_kohls

    I am looking forward to seeing her films.

  4. June S. says:

    She sounds like a very busy woman for sure.

  5. Jody Cowan
    Twitter: jandjsavings

    Sounds like a great life! I wish I had the courage and energy to do some things I’m interested in. At least I have my blog!

  6. kelly Nicholson says:

    i watched the original Dallas,and not really into the reboot…Think im missing out!

  7. I haven’t seen anything she is in, but I have lots of friends who love Dallas

  8. kelly Nicholson says:

    did i say how great looking she is?

  9. Shauna says:

    wow, how awesome… thank you for sharing her comments and thoughts with us

  10. June S. says:

    Loved reading this, she is an amazing woman.

  11. June S. says:

    This actress ( Marlene Forte) has been a very busy woman for a few years now.