Movie Review – Escape from Planet Earth

Escape from Planet Earth is the animated tale of the hero Scorch Supernova who enjoys exploring neighboring planets and makes discoveries for his people, a blue alien race from the planet Baab. After he had rescued several kidnapped children, he was widely regarded throughout the planet. Scorch then decides to venture to the ‘Dark Planet’, planet Earth, on yet another exciting exploration in response to an apparent call for help. Unfortunately, he finds himself caught up in the trap of an evil and vengeful General Shanker after his arrival and finds himself in Area 51 with other captured aliens. It is then up to Scorch’s nerdy, rule loving brother Gary to come to his rescue. Now Available on DirecTV On Demand. If you haven’t signed up for DirecTV visit for special deals on packages and signing up.


The Canadian flick starred several famous actors and actresses.

Scorch Supernova, the adventurous hero who finds himself trapped on Earth, was the voice of Brenden Fraser.
Gary Supernova, the nerdy brother who is forced to go on a rescue mission for his brother was played by Rob Corddry.
Kip Supernova, the son of Gary Supernova, was played by the young Jonathan Morgan Heit.
Kira Supernova, the wife of Gary Supernova, was played by Sarah Jessica Parker.
Lena, the head of the organization Scorch works for, known as BASA, was played by Jessica Alba.
General Shanker, the evil and vengeful captor of Scorch, was played by William Shatner.


When the Supernova family back on Baab realizes that Scorch has been captured, Gary’s young son Kip becomes determined to and rescue his uncle, Gary discourages him and the boy leaves very upset. When Gary goes to try and talk to his son he finds that Kip has snuck out to try and launch a rescue mission. Gary manages to stop him just in time, but realizes that he needs to go in his place to rescue his brother.

After arriving on Earth, Gary finds himself face to face with General Shanker. He discovers that Shanker is so evil because when he was younger three aliens had accidently killed his father. For his revenge, he is determined to destroy all the alien planets with a laser built by the other captured aliens.

It is also revealed that Lena, the head of Scorch’s organization of BASA, is in fact an ally of Shanker and believes herself to be in love with him. She is sending him blutonium, a power source. Scorch works to rig the blutonium to destroy the laser the aliens had built. Back on BASA, Kip and Kira manage to subdue Lena. Scorch and Gary escape from Area 51 and find Scorch’s ship and make their way back home.


The movie did not fare too well with critics, who were mostly disappointed with the script but noted that the acting was relatively strong. Reviewers did note a few laughs that were thrown in, but said that most adults would find the movie too drawn out. Some did find the movie mildly entertaining, especially for the younger audience that the movie was intended.

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  1. I’m not sure we will see this, though I do like animations. It might be mildly entertaining. Thanks for the review!

  2. Austin Baroudi says:

    My daughter loved it, although she tends to love all animated movies 😛 I thought it was alright. Brendan Fraser is the man though!