Worried About Getting Older? Not me! #SwifferEffect Giveaway

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Getting older worries a lot of people. Not me. Why? Because I know I wont be growing old alone. I often feel our quality of life can be measured by the company we keep. With that in mind, I take a look at my husband and daughters, and I know I’ll be just fine.

Thinking of those upcoming years brings my attention to the below video. This adorable ninety year old couple has been in-love for forty years! Watching it, I can’t help but think of myself and my husband, will this be us?

See how Morty & Lee react when they open the Swiffer care package to find all sorts of wonderful cleaning products that offer a better way to clean than traditional methods and make their lives easier…well, Lee’s life at least!

You may have already seen some of the above story in a television commercial, but if you are anything like me, you simply can’t help but to fall in-love, and want to see more of Morty and Lee’s story!

It’s nice to know that wither it’s for convenience or necessity, Swiffer products just make life easier.

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  1. Carmen S says:

    Save money and get ride of unnecessary clutter.

  2. Love Swiffer! Nice to find your blog:)

  3. Kimberly Schotz says:

    Getting rid of clutter is a good place to start.

  4. christine jessamine says:

    Life is easier the more you spend with your family