Keeping Track of Life With The HapiMomi App #Review

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“HapiMomi is an easy-to-use app that helps you organize, share and plan with your family, privately. Share a single family phone book, calendar, shopping list, diary and to do list. Imagine a private social network just for your family, the family wall. Hapimomi is free and all-in-one, keeping your family running with everyday peace of mind.”

I recently downloaded the HapiMomi app for the purpose of this review. It was easy to find on iTunes, and setting it up only took about five minutes.

hapi_001review hapi_002review

I’ve downloaded several free scheduling apps in the past, and ended up deleted them out of frustration. This one, after only a few days is actually making my life a little easier! Having everything in one place can be like a gift to most busy parents. I really like being able to check my schedule while on the go, nice and easy on my phone!

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This all-in-one app is helping me keep track of after school activities, business meetings, blog posts and their due dates, groceries, errands, and even my travel schedule. it’s helping my husband and I stay connected and organized, and unlike alot of other free scheduling apps, it’s doing this privately! Which I really appreciate!

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  1. Sherri Lewis says:

    There are so many useful apps out there now…. makes me wish I had a smartphone 🙁

  2. judy gardner says:

    this sounds like a great app! i really need something to help me keep track of all of the school activities as well as everything else in this busy family!