Flowers: A Timeless Gift for Timeless Relationships

It’s not every day that you find a relationship that stands the test of time. Whether you just met the love of your life or are celebrating a gold anniversary, this person is the one you have chosen for a lifetime and they should feel your love and devotion. One of the most significant ways you can show this affection is by sending the gift of flowers. You can choose from a solitary rose or a full floral bouquet with all the bells and whistles and either one will be of significant value to your partner. The mere thought you put into the flowers speaks volumes for how you feel about that person and the desire you have to please them; moreover, flowers don’t cost a fortune, plus there are lots of flowers coupons available that can save you some money that you can use to buy some kind of gift to go along with that bouquet.

Types of Flowers convey a Variety of Meanings
Have you ever been given a certain color of roses and looked up their meaning? Most people have wondered about the various meanings behind flowers and this timeless gift can convey a lifetime of words with only a simple petal or color. From red roses meaning passionate love to the Gerbera daisy meaning patience and loyal love, each flower chosen in a bouquet can be the symbol for something deeper.
Here are some of the most common flowers and their meanings:

  • Orchids: symbols of a rare beauty to make a lasting impression on the recipient
  • Tulips: trust in the relationship or even in a friendship
  • Yellow roses: a valued friendship
  • White roses: purity in love
  • Hydrangeas: compassion and sympathy
  • Carnations: fascination and playfulness

After reading the list, can you notice where you’ve seen these various flowers in the past? For example, if you have attended a wedding recently, you may have seen arrangements of white roses with bright carnations or daisies to symbolize the gift of pure love with fun and innocence. Or maybe you’ve attended a funeral in the past and saw hydrangeas on display around the memorial site and didn’t understand exactly why they were chosen, but now you do. They are the universal flower for grief and sympathy. Now that you know some of the meanings of these flowers, your next bouquet could be the perfect symbol for a timeless relationship.
If you are looking to make an occasion extra special and instead of gifting a single bouquet, you would rather wish to send across a whole bunch of different kinds of flowers to your loved one, you can make use of the very same flower coupons that we talked about at the beginning and buy double the flowers with the same kind of money; considering the money that you are going to save on your purchase.

Flowers make People Smile
Giving the gift of a flower to anyone in your life shows your desire to make them smile. Not only will a flower brighten their day but it can bring life to a dull situation. In the past, flowers may have been given to significant others and while it is always a gift sure to please your partner, are there others in your life that would enjoy knowing your feelings for them? From a co-worker who picked up your slack during a difficult time to your sister-in-law who helped organize a family holiday gathering, these are timeless relationships in your life that should be acknowledged. Who doesn’t appreciate being noticed and recognized for their work and dedication? Now that you know the timeless symbols that flowers can represent, you may want to send that best friend of yours a dozen yellow roses to say thanks for being a great pal through all these years.

The Surprise Effect
Imagine opening your front door or walking to your office cubicle and seeing a stunning bouquet of fresh flowers waiting for you. The mere surprise would be enough to make you smile and even laugh in delight but when you stop to look at the flowers and the thought behind them, your heart will be touched. Timeless relationships deserve the thought and care represented by a unique bouquet of the timeless gift of flowers. They are the perfect way to show just how much you care, even when you’re hundreds of miles away.