Get your dancing shoes ready! Bruno Mars #MoonshineJungle Tour

The final numbers are in and the Super Bowl scored a total touchdown with this year’s record breaking 111.5 million viewers.
If you were anywhere near social media that night, you already know a large portion of those viewers were tuned in just to see this guy!


Multi-platinum Grammy® winning superstar Bruno Mars.

And that little half-time show, was just a tease. You can catch the full show when Bruno Mars brings his Moonshine Jungle tour to you town. Tickets are on-sale now!

Did you know…

  • 28 year old Bruno Mars is the youngest solo headliner to perform at half time in Super Bowl history.
  • Bruno Mars was born Peter Gene Hernandez and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • At just four years old, Bruno was finding fame as an Elvis impersonator, even appearing in Honeymoon in Vegas starring Nicolas Cage and Sarah Jessica Parker.
  • With 130 million singles sold worldwide, the 18-time Grammy nominee has made music history more than once, including such milestones as scoring his first five Billboard “Hot 100” chart-toppers faster than any male solo artist since Elvis Presley.
  • Bruno Mars 2013 tour included sprawling video screens, confetti showers, pyrotechnics, gigantic disco balls!


Get your dancing shoes ready and visit for tour information and tickets.

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  1. Heather Weimer says:

    I love him. I saw him back in August and I’m dying to go see him again in June.

  2. sandy weinstein says:

    i like some of his music, the beach like, dance music, not the hip hop, very talented, even when he was very young….i dont think people realize how long he has been around.

  3. sandy weinstein says:

    he is a very talented person, but i did not really like the superbowl act, he started as a child entertainer, impersonating elvis, had a movie role for it as well

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