PC Gaming Rigs of Yesteryear

Both of my daughters and my husband enjoy gaming. Modern gaming, on their Xbox® and Playstation® consoles. While I am much more retro – I’ll take the classics like Atari over those any-day. Believe me, I hear about it too. Even our granddaughter loves Xbox®.
No matter which decade you land on, if you are or have beena gamer, you’ll enjoy this Retro Battlestations infographic…

Retro Battlestations: PC Gaming Rigs of Yesteryear - Via Who Is Hosting This: The Blog

Source: WhoIsHostingThis.com


  1. Robin Wilson says:

    Gosh I remember when my dad brought home an Atari for us!! It was like heaven. But even before that I can remember playing Pong and thinking it was the best thing ever. Remember that one? I am constantly amazed at how fast technology has improved.

  2. it doesnt surprise me that apple is in the lead!

  3. We didn’t even have computers in high school and I still was using an electric typewriter in college so I appreciate how far we have come. BTW you really do need to experience typing on a MANUAL typewriter, if you can find one.