Improve your air quality with Filtrete Filters #HealthierHome

Disclosure: I was provided products as compensation for my participation in the #HealthierHome campaign. All opinions are my own.


Do you know that changing your furnace filter regularly will greatly improve your air quality, and reduce odors in your home? Filtrete Filters knows! They also know that using a good quality filter can be a great weapon in the war against seasonal allergies. Here in our house, those are the major reasons we change our filter monthly, and why only use Filtrete Filters.

Allergen Defense

As much as I love the spring and fall weather here in Michigan, both seasons are often hard on my family’s sinuses, and upper respiratory system. Using Filtrete Filters has really made a difference that we can feel.

Odor Reduction

We recently experienced a major sewer backup in our basement, causing a big stinky mess. Everything the sewer water touched had to go! As the items were somewhat easy to remove from the house, the smell was not. Putting in a Filtrete “Odor Reduction” filter made a huge difference. When we needed it the most!


Made of the highest quality materials, it’s no surprise that Filtrete filters have been helping families breathe cleaner air, inside millions of homes for over 25 years.

When considering which Filtrete filter is best for your home, consider your families needs, and area.

Get to know Filtrete! Visit the Filtrete website and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter @Filtrete .

I’m working with Filtrete Filters to keep my house a #HealthierHome . Watch for my follow-up post in December.


  1. Dandi D says:

    We could really use some of these! We live in an old house and it gets dusty and dirty so quickly!

    • Jenn
      Twitter: 5_dollarshake

      That is another thing I’ve noticed since switching to Flitrete, we have a lot less dust than before.

  2. James Robert says:

    I have used these many times and they work great and helped out with allergy issues as well

  3. Robin Wilson says:

    This has been an awful year for allergies here. I try to keep our filters clean and change them regularly, but I haven’t used these…yet. Next time I get some it will these.

  4. Nicole Dz says:

    We changed are filters a few weeks ago and oh boy where they so dirty, i was so surprised and grossed out. We really need to keep a schedule on keeping a better eye on changing them, we totally forgot until i seen a post online.