3 Things We Can Learn From Taylor Swift’s NYC Move

It’s always fun to watch big celebrity moves. When a celeb moves from one city to another, they oftentimes make headlines. The biggest celebrity moves of the past year was Taylor Swift’s move to New York City. Taylor had previously owned residences in both Nashville and Rhode Island, but she’d been itching to give the Big Apple a try. When she decided to make the leap and buy an apartment in the glamorous Tribeca neighborhood, it got the whole world talking. Here are three things we can learn from Taylor Swift’s NYC move.

Don’t Be Afraid To Take a Risk

A lot of us are nervous about taking a risk and moving to a new place. Many of us want to, but are held back by fear and uncertainty about what may lie ahead. Taylor took a huge risk moving to NYC; after all, until recently, she was a country music star and her home seemed to be in Nashville. However, Taylor followed her heart. The result is that she is a total NYC style icon and one of the biggest celebrities to call New York home. In fact, she penned an ode to New York City that was featured on her recent album, 1989.

Be Sure To Get To Know Your New City

Taylor didn’t waste any time getting acquainted with New York. From the first day that she moved to NYC, she was frequently spotted out and about in the city. From Central Park to Times Square, Taylor made a point to really get to know Manhattan. If you relocate to a new city, don’t be afraid to explore. You’ll never know what’s your new favorite cafe or boutique if you don’t get out there and really see the sights.

Have Fun With Your New Digs

Taylor is constantly seen out and about in NYC, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t spend at least some time in her apartment. In fact, Taylor is constantly updating her Twitter and Instagram accounts with pictures of new decor items and furniture. When you move to a new place, it’s best to ditch your old design habits and really have some fun with your new space. What worked in your old home or your old city may not work in your new space. Experiment, have fun and try to pick design choices that match your new location and your new state of mind.

We might not all be world-traveling music superstars like Taylor. However, we can definitely take some moving cues from this NYC transplant.


  1. Karen Glatt says:

    Did you know that Taylor Swift is so rich that she also bought the apartment across from her for 5 million dollars to house her security team! WOW! She also got a bigger apartment so she had rooms for each of her friends. I know the post is about not being afraid to take a chance-that is good advice when making a big change such as moving to a big City Like New York.

  2. Janet W. says:

    I never had that courage to move to a new city. I’m still in the same city I grew up in, but it’s nice to see my daughter venture out and explore a new city.