Up to 70% Off Your Favorite Movies with the new Movie of the Day! app

movie of the day

Love movies? Love deals? Starting today, Fox and Apple are putting a new twist on digital movie sales with the new Movie of the Day! app available only on iOS.

movie of the day

Movie of the Day! offers you a new movie download at a special promotional price on iTunes everyday. Movie deals range from blockbusters to acclaimed indies, and everything in between. All transactions are done safely through iTunes and saved to your iTunes Library. All deals will be available for 24 hours.

Since streaming is my favorite way to watch a movie, second only to the theater, I’ll be check this out on our ipad. Though, I’m really hoping to see it become available for Android soon, I’m much more likely to check it daily on my phone.

Download it here.


  1. Janet W. says:

    Sounds like a good deal! I’ll have to check this out!

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