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Will Graham is locked in a mental asylum accused of Hannibal Lecter’s crimes. Now that Will sees Hannibal for what he truly is, he faces a fight to prove his own sanity and convince those closest to him he is innocent of murder. Jack Crawford is dealing with his own feelings about Will and whether his protégé is in fact a cold-blooded killer. Looking for answers, Jack turns to Hannibal, a man he has come to trust. With Will locked up, Hannibal becomes Jack’s new consultant on cases. Hannibal is torn between self-preservation and his desire to keep Will close to him, despite advice from his psychiatrist, Bedelia Du Maurier, to stay away.

Don’t miss an all new episode Thursday at 10/9c after Aquarius on NBC! Hannibal’s relocation to Europe has him as hungry as ever…

A healed Will follows a hunch and lands in Italy to search for Hannibal Lecter. Will draws suspicion from an inspector, who then tries to enlist Will’s help to apprehend Lecter.

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  1. Tara says:

    I lvoe this show!