Lightspeed Outdoors Tent and Air Bed Review, plus 30% discount code

We did a lot of camping so far this year. Because our teenage daughter enjoys it as much as we do, it’s really become our favorite way of spending time together as a family. There is just something about being productive, and being in the outdoors that we really enjoy. So, when we receive a delivery of boxes from Lightspeed Outdoors, the whole family gets excited.

“At LightSpeed Outdoors we are committed to making the outdoors easy so you can spend less time hassling with your gear and more time enjoying life.”

camping boxes

You may remember our three room Compound 8 Tent, and Screen House review from last year. Well, they have both been put up, used, and taken down a good dozen or more times, and both are still in perfect condition. They’re like our home, away from home.

This year our teenage daughter, Allison received the Ample 6-Person Tent, along with a 2-Person PVC-Free Air Bed, and a Foam Topper from Lightspeed Outdoors to review. Being sixteen, she handles her own camping gear. She does a great job at setting up, and tearing down. The tent she has been using was great, but recently ripped and started to leak. Having a ten day, two campground trip planned, her tent from Lightspeed outdoors showed up at the perfect time.


The Ample 6-Person Tent is made with the same quality, and hub system as our tent (The Compound 8), meaning we already knew that it was going to be a well made, sturdy and easy to put up tent. We were right. Went up quick, and easy. The tent is a good size. I’m not sure about “six people good” unless they only use it to sleep, and have very little items with them. It’s light weight and easy to carry, making it a great tent for hikers or backpackers! For just Allison, it’s been perfect. Plenty of room for her bed, a small table, her clothes, and stuff for the week. When we camp for more than three or four days, we tend to travel heavy. Allison also likes to decorate her tent, and use fun lights. It’s sometimes part of our camping fun. The tent also has room for a second air bed the next time she decides to bring along one of her friends.


We were hit with a pretty hard rain storm our last night on the campground. We’re happy to report that the tent held up nicely. The steaks stayed in place, and there was only a few drops of water that came in, nothing to worry about. We didn’t have the chance to treat the seems on this tent before leaving, so we’re confident once we do, it wont happen again. The windows and screening on this tent are awesome. Letting plenty of steady air flow in during the day to keep the tent from getting to warm inside. Our daughter had nothing but good things to say about the Ample 6-Person Tent, the air bed, and topper. The Foam Topper is super soft. So soft to the touch, I might have been a little jealous. My first impression of the 2-Person PVC-Free Air Bed was not as good. I thought for sure she was going to ask for her usual, thicker blow-up mattress back after the first night, but instead she said she preferred the new 2-Person PVC-Free Air Bed with the Foam Topper. She says they are surprisingly more comfortable, and she has continued to sleep great on them every night of camping since.


Her good review of the items sent to us this year does not surprise me at all. Everything we have received from Lightspeed Outdoors has been top of the line and a hit with our family. Even Roxy, our basset hound has tried to claim our Lightspeed Outdoors Outdoor Blanket as her own. It’s easy to see how Lightspeed Outdoors has become the industry leader in quality, instant set-up gear. We love our tents. I see years of fun family camping with our Lightspeed products ahead of us.


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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    We don’t camp, but we keep an air mattress on hand for when we have people sleep over our house. My husband’s family is huge so we have people here often.

  2. We love camping although the unusually rainy summer made it difficult this year. Tent camping doesn’t have to be roughing it. It can be as totally comfortable (or primitive) as we want it to be.

  3. If I am going to go camping, I want plenty of room in my tent. I also need a nice mattress for comfy sleeping.

  4. WE love to camp, these days it is like being in a 5 star hotel with all the comfy RV’s and or tents with big comfy air mattresses 🙂

  5. We just happen to be in the market for these items right now! An air bed huh? Now that is camping in COMFORT! I love that tent too!

  6. This sounds like a really high quality tent. I’d definitely be comfortable taking that camping in all sorts of weather.

  7. We had an air bed before and it is really useful when we gotta had an outdoor activities we used it.

  8. This almost looks like you are “glamping” with the nice comfy bed! I love how spacious the tent looks as well. 🙂

  9. The tent looks sturdy an comfortable …High quality camping necessity!

  10. can’t wait to go camping with my kids! I think Fall is the perfect season for camping.

  11. Great that you get to spend lots of family time camping. If I need a new tent, I will feel comfortable buying one from Lightspeed. Sounds like good products.

  12. I would love to have a tent like this. Great not only for camping but also for some kiddie parties outdoors 🙂

  13. We didn’t go camping this summer. Maybe we still have time. Tenting can be fun.

  14. The air bed makes camping look super comfy! I like that it’s easy to set up and it fits a tent!

  15. I haven’t gone camping in years! Now this tent would make me reconsider… I worry about comfort and bugs.

  16. VICTORIA says:

    Very nice! throw in an AC attachement for summer and heater for other cold seasons and im sold!

  17. That is a nice tent. We only camp in our yard. This tent would definitely keep the bugs away.

  18. This tent looks like amazing quality. I haven’t been camping in ages but when my little boy gets a little older I think it will be something we will look to do during the summer.

  19. This tent and air bed looks great! My friend has been looking for a tent, so I will have to let her know about this one.

  20. We don’t camp usually but definitely use our air mattress, that is so handy to keep for overnight guests. The tent looks great though, my son would love to play with it, for sure.

  21. That looks like it would be easy enough to assemble but you don’t know me. I’d have trouble unrolling a sleeping bag!

  22. I like the idea of instant tent set-up. I’m not a fan of camping at all. A few years ago, when I was a teacher, I had to attend a week long class camping trip to Utah, it was a nightmare. I just remember struggling to set up tents in the pouring rain, while trying to help keep 120 6th graders occupied. My cluster of girls and I ended up sleeping on the bus because a scorpion decided it wanted to spend the night with us. No more camping for me!

  23. How nice! I haven’t been camping since I was a child. It would be nice to do so again sometime in the near future, though!

  24. Tatanisha
    Twitter: amittenfull

    This looks like an awesome tent. We talked about going camping this summer, but it just didn’t happen! Thanks for the review!