10 Practical Tips to Help You Buy a House before You Turn 30


Who wouldn’t want to have a house to call his own? Of course, everyone is dreaming about it. It’s part of everybody’s goals in life. However, it is not something that can be easily achieved especially for a person who is not careful and mindful about his/her expenses.

The tendency is that after school, during your first few years of working, all you care about is buying or spending money on things that you weren’t able to afford before. It can be acceptable in a way but there should be limitation to it. You should start thinking about long term goals too like buying a house in your dream destination like Australia or anywhere in the world.

In this article, we will discuss some practical tips that may help you save money to buy your own house – who knows, through these tips you will be able to afford to buy one of the houses for sale in Sydney Australia or anywhere you want?

1.Come up with a budget plan – many people are too lazy to come up with a monthly budget plan. So the usual scenario is that they receive their paycheck every month and they spend it anywhere and everywhere. That is not a very healthy habit. If you want to take care of your future then start by making sure to have a budget plan.

2.Spend within your budget – and after you set a monthly budget, be sure to spend within that budget only. Do not go past your limits or else the budget plan will be just a waste.

3.Cook your own meals – eating out can be both unhealthy for your diet and for your wallet. It is advisable to cook your own meals to ensure you get proper nutrition and to spare you from spending too much money on overrated restaurants.

4.Work immediately after graduation – some people think that they deserve a break after school. But come on, don’t waste a whole year or two trying to give yourself a break. It is best to find a job immediately so you can start building your empire.

5.Allocate specific percentage for your savings monthly – once you have a job, make sure to allot specific amount or percentage to go straight to your savings. This will force you to save.

6.Avoid vices – stop smoking and drinking excessively. Those vices will only waste your hard-earned money. Spend your money on important things rather than on those vices.

7.Find extra source of income – it might be helpful too if you can find extra source of income. You can do buy and sell, design logo for a client online, write articles or others that you think you can do on your spare time. It will help you to make use of your time wisely too.

8.Avoid impulsive shopping – you should be careful with your shopping trips. It can ruin your budget in a big way.

9.Use your credit cards wisely – and speaking of shopping – it is advisable to take it easy on swiping your credit cards. It will put you in a lot of debt especially when you lose control.

10.Spend on important things only – lastly, it is recommendable to spend your money on important things like your monthly dues and stuff. Lay low on the luxury items that you do not really need.

You just need to be mindful and practical about your expenses. And try a little harder to save money to make your future brighter.


  1. Great list of idea’s for saving up for your down payment and then staying on track. It’s amazing all the places you can save money when you start really accounting for all your money and spending wisely. We bought our first home 33 years ago. Wow! It was definitely the best investment we ever made.

  2. It’s all about priorities, making a budget, and sticking to your budget. Cutting out the morning Starbucks routine can save you a significant chunk alone!

  3. These are really great tips. Save as much as you can when you are young and don’t have kids!

  4. I wish we had read these tips before we bought our first house in our 20s. That purchase was worst mistake of my life. Oh well live and learn!

  5. Great list of saving tips! My husband and I try to actively do many of these. We are in no position to buy a house though, mostly because we travel a ton and like to move every couple of years because we haven’t chosen a final spot yet.

  6. It’s so much more practical than renting, but I want to tell the younger ones to save, save, save for that down payment. If at all possible avoid PMI!

  7. Great tips! Buying a house was never really on my goal list, since I didn’t want to deal with the maintenance on my own. When I met my husband, he already had a house 😀

  8. This is great advice for Millennials!

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