The Biggest Binge Week is Back on #XFINITY #Watchathon

Being the queen of “just one more episode” I am so excited to share that Xfinity is bringing back their Watchathon week! Not that I need a designated week to binge on my all-time favorites, or new to me series, but I sure had a good time watching and sharing on social media last year. The #Watchathon hashtag was on-fire!

It’s like the Stanley Cup finals for T.V. fans. So much fun.

So get those snacks ready, and get comfy – kicking off on April 18, this year’s Watchathon Week will give Xfinity TV customers access to more than 250 shows from 50+ networks, across multiple platforms – at home on the TV, or on the go via the Xfinity TV mobile app and website.

Watchathon Week is the perfect opportunity to hunker down and catch up on every episode from all the acclaimed new series you may have missed, including FX’s American Crime Story: The People v O.J. Simpson, NBC’s Chicago Med and USA’s Mr. Robot. It’s a chance to discover great series you may not have heard of – for instance TBS’s The Detour, Sundance’s Hap & Leonard and TV Land’s Younger. And this year, almost all of the participating shows will be available to watch from the beginning, so you can view complete series of favorites like HBO’s Game of Thrones, FOX’s The Simpsons and STARZ’s Outlander.

watchathon week

What will you be watching during Xfinity’s Watchathon?

I’ve got my list ready!

Mr. Robot
We watched the first five episodes and somehow lost track.

Orphan Black
I have only seen the first season so far. Can’t wait to see the second.

Fear the Walking Dead
I started watching in the middle. I’m looking forward to watching this series from the beginning.

The Good Wife
Been watching from the pilot and loving every minute of it. Feeling the need to relive some of the episodes before watching the series finale. This has been one of my very favorite shows. I am heartbroken that it is coming to an end.

New to me:

Inside Amy Schumer
Love her stand-up, looking forward ot checking out her show.

Great cast. I’ve heard really good things.

I am a huge fan of Jaimie Alexander. She is one of my favorite celebrities that I have met. Talented, and smart. I don’t know why I am not watching this show already.

Join the party on Twitter (using the #Watchathon hashtag). Follow Xfinity at @Xfinity, and Comcast at @Comcast. Also be sure to follow Five Dollar Shake at @5_dollarshake, and tweet me what you’re watching. I’d love to know.


  1. Oh I’ll have to get binge watching right now. I love when they have watchaton week. I have a few shows I need to catch up on and this is the perfect way to do that. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love being able to catch shows at my convenience, even if that means I end up binge watching! I, too, really enjoy watching Mike and Molly and am so sad to hear that it is ending. Hopefully I can find a show to fill the gap!

  3. Fear of the Walking Dead is my jam. Thanks for the great information. I will get ready for this year’s Watchathon??

  4. The husband and I have so much binge watching to do it isn’t funny! He has been wanting to watch Mr. Robot for awhile too and we both need to desperately catch up on Grimm and Once Upon a Time. If you are looking for anymore shows to binge, be sure to check out Arrow and The Flash. We both love those shows!

  5. I am so out of touch! The only show I was familiar with was Mike & Molly which I LOVED (so sad it ended)! I’m definitely going to have to check these titles out – I’m a total season binger, too!

  6. Wow, apparently I am out of touch as well. I think I know about Fear the Walking Dead, but the others… nope! I will have to catch up on some TV watching.

  7. After having kids and spending no time watching tv shows that I used to love when I actually had free time, I dream of nothing more than sitting on my couch with junk food and binge watching television. You include so many great suggestions–I loved Younger, Chicago Med, and The People vs. OJ Simpson–and I am always on the hunt for great shows as well as the time to watch them, kid-free!

  8. This is an awesome list of shows. I don’t have the time to watch lately because of work. I’ve watched some episodes of Mr. Robot and really like it. The Good Wife seems nice as well.

  9. My husband and I have binge-watched so many shows…our favourite by far was The Killing (on Netflix), and of course another one of mine was Orange is the New Black!

  10. Binge watching is the best! This would save me so much money, though, because right now my husband and I rent series from the video store, and we always return them late. Can’t wait for the new season of Game of Thrones to come out.

  11. Becca Wilson says:

    I have been binge watching Revenge and I am hooked. I have one more season left and will be sad when it’s over. Thanks for the recommendations!