Lightspeed Outdoors Bahia Quick Shelter Review


We recently took a family vacation to Venice, Florida to celebrate spring break. It’s been years since we spent time in such a sunny state. The last time we were there, our daughter was on the beach and got a pretty bad sun burn on the first day of the trip. Kind of putting a damper on the rest of her vacation. This year, we went prepared. We asked Lightspeed Outdoors for a Bahia Quick Shelter to be delivered for review. Boy did it come in handy. The day we went to the beach was over 90 degrees and sunny. Nothing like the cold, 30 degree weather we left behind in Michigan.


Having a beach shelter made all the difference. We were able to enjoy our day at the beach, the beautiful ocean, while also relaxing in the shade. Along with a normal amount of sun block, and with no worry of our skin being burnt by the Florida hot sun. The Bahia Quick Shelter from Lightspeed Outdoors comes in an easy to carry case, the top-pull hub system makes it super easy to set up, and it’s surprisingly spacious. It was perfect for our day at the beach.


Just as the tents we have received from Lightspeed Outdoors over the years, the Bahia Quick Shelter is made of the highest quality. By using the small steaks that are included, our shelter held up nicely through the windy afternoon . The windows even let in a nice breeze.


I can’t wait to take our grand-baby to the beach with this shelter. It’s perfect for letting little ones enjoy the beach without worry of too much sun. I, myself had no problem taking a nap under it. With the ocean at my feet, the breeze coming in the window, and shade on my skin, it was like paradise.



You can purchase the Bahia Quick Shelter, as-well as a variety of other quality LightSpeed Outdoors products on their website. You can also shop LightSpeed Outdoors products at select retailers nationwide.

The Bahia Quick Shelter:
Using Lightspeed Outdoors’ top-pull hub system, the NEW Bahia Quick Shelter is the perfect weather shelter for those who want to enjoy the outdoors and get protection from the sun and wind. An extended front awning provides significantly more shade than conventional shelters or beach umbrellas. The Bahia Quick Shelter has sand pockets, that when filled, gives added stability in any setting. This outdoor shelter features redesigned 3-zippered windows, allowing for the maximum amount of ventilation. Our instant shelter’s new design makes it ultraportable and lightweight, so it’s easy to take to the beach, park, or just about anywhere!

  • Lightspeed Outdoors’ top-pull hub system allows for ultra quick set up and tear down
  • UPF 50+
  • Sand pockets on outside for added stability
  • Maximum ventilation with 3 large zippered windows

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  1. Where were these when I was a kid and burning myself to a crisp at the beach, the lake or the river? lol I would have loved one when our son was small, too. It would have been perfect for helping to protect his fair skin when we went places or he was just outside, playing.

  2. This looks like a great tent for the beach. I never burn…except when I go to Florida. Did it get really messy with sand? Did you like the sand pockets, or did you have to anchor it another way? I’m definitely in the market so I want to know firsthand. Thank you!

  3. I live in Florida so we go to the beach all year round so I love this quick shelter! Perfect for a day at the beach. My husband hates the sun this is would be his little shelter! Great for naps too for the kids of course – ha!

  4. What a great way to keep the sun from beating down on the kiddos when at the beach. Sometimes it is nice to not have the sun shining down on you. I will sharing this with my sister for my niece.

  5. I’ve never seen anything like this! Where have they been all of my life?! We spend a lot of time at the river and lake in the summer months, and boy would this little shelter be handy!

  6. Dina Demarest says:

    What an awesome tent to enjoy for a night outdoors or even on the beach! I need to invest in one of these to enjoy the outdoors this summer.

  7. Oh wow, it looks really easy to set up indeed! I’ve actually never tried going to the beach with a tent but it looks like an activity that I have to tick off my bucket list now. 😉 Will check out this brand! Thank you!

  8. We desperately need one of these!!! We spend our summers in Italy and most of that time is spent on the beach. This brand looks great…over there everyone seems to have Quechua tents. Not sure if even have them in North America. I prefer this one though!

  9. We so need one of these for baseball tournaments! Sometimes there are hours in between games and there is no where to go. This would be perfect for a snooze or some privacy from the sun.:)