The Battle For Cedar Point Is On! #GetToThePoint #IheartCP

The virtual realm of augmented reality collides with the tangible, traditional guest visit to Cedar Point with the debut of “The Battle for Cedar Point,” an interactive, competitive gaming experience inside the new Cedar Point mobile app.


“Cedar Point is once again redefining what the guest experience is like. The Battle for Cedar Point is interactive, it’s immersive and most importantly, it’s just plain fun,” said Jason McClure, Cedar Point’s vice president and general manager. “Guests have the opportunity to enjoy a traditional day at the park, or, they can take their visit to the next level by playing the game in our new mobile app. It adds a unique twist to their summer visit.”

Developed by UK-based, sensory experience design experts Holovis, in partnership with Cedar Point, the free game allows guests to compete against each other in a fun new way as they walk through the park, wait for their favorite ride or sit down to enjoy a meal.

Guests who choose to play The Battle for Cedar Point will first join one of five “clans” on the day of their visit – Valravn, GateKeeper, Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster or Maverick. Each clan is signified by its own unique character avatar, along with a custom battle shield.


They will then “battle” against other guests inside the park that day as they earn points by scanning select ride signs, t-shirts and game symbols located throughout the park. Once scanned, these items will come to life on the guest’s Apple® or Android™ mobile device, enabling them to see characters, animated signs and achievement symbols as they appear to co-exist with the real world. They can then share these interactive experiences on social media, encouraging others to join their clan.

In addition, players who ride the new world-record-breaking Valravn dive coaster will have the opportunity to earn even more points by unlocking the “Secrets of Valravn” as they walk the queue line. Hidden clues are located along the path; the more secrets that are found, the more points players will achieve. Points can also be earned by answering park trivia questions inside the game.

Throughout the day, guests can scan park maps located throughout the park to see which clan is leading the battle. They also have the opportunity to purchase their chosen clan’s souvenir pin, located at select gift shops, once they reach a specific point level. Guests in the clan claiming victory at the end of the day can purchase an additional “victory pin,” signifying that they reigned supreme from the day’s battle. A special t-shirt is also available for purchase. When scanned inside the game, the front of the t-shirt will appear to transform, adding even more points to the selected clan’s total.


The victor of the day’s crusade will be revealed nightly at the park’s Luminosity show, a multi-sensory musical experience featuring talented aerialists, live singers and dancers, mesmerizing pyrotechnics and dramatic visual elements. The Battle for Cedar Point will reset each operating day.

The Battle for Cedar Point is now available inside the new Cedar Point mobile app, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store® or on Google Play.

This sounds like so much fun! I can easily see our kids getting into this and having a blast. I love that Cedar Point keeps adding more fun for families! The park just keeps getting better, and better. Visit the official Cedar Point website for complete details, to plan a trip, and to see what else is new in 2016.

Cedar Point has been voted “Best Amusement Park in the World” by Amusement Today. It currently holds the world record for most roller coasters, one of them being the world’s second tallest and second fastest roller coaster, Top Thrill Dragster, which reaches speeds of 120 mph and a height of 420 feet.

FTC Disclosure: Information was provided as part of an ongoing relationship in which free park passes and products are received. All opinions expressed are honest and my own. This post contains no affiliate links.


  1. It holds the record for Best Amusement Park in the World?! I need to go here!

  2. Liz
    Twitter: yesnofilms

    That sounds like a fun idea. I’m still hoping to visit the park, maybe later this summer.

  3. Looks like a fun way to pass the time when you’re standing in line!! and to keep up the fun after you head home

  4. I hear that this place is awesome! We are new to the area and are hoping to visit this summer. My kids love amusement parks.

  5. ron leyba says:

    Seems like an interesting app. Will check this out really soon!

  6. Rachel Dean says:

    Great idea to attract more people. Could Cedar Point get any busier?

  7. Wow! Just wow! They’ve combined most kids favorite past times. Gaming and adventure parks. What a cool way to enhance the Cedar Point experience without adding to the cost. I hope it’s a big sucess for them.

  8. What an interesting use of today’s technology to add another layer of fun for Cedar Point’s guests! I haven’t been to the amusement park in years, but it was a highlight of my summer when I was younger. They always seem to be on the cutting edge with the fastest or tallest coaster or in this case with augmented reality.

  9. Since Cedar point is so close to us in SE Michigan I think I need to pay attention to what you can do there.