3 New TV Shows I’m Looking Forward To This Fall

As fall quickly approaches, it means it’s time to get your DVR ready for premiere season. Check out three exciting trailers below. Looks like it’s going to be a good year for television fans. Drama, comedy, horror, even sports – something new for everyone.


This Is Us

Lot’s of star power in this one, including Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia and Chris Darden. This dramedy follows numerous characters who were all born on the same day as their lives intertwine in interesting and creative ways. Premieres Sept. 20 on NBC.


Pitch, Kylie Bunbury plays Ginny, a total badass baseball player, who must overcome her own personal fears and flaws to prove to everyone, including her family, that she can make it as the first female in Major League Baseball. Also stars Mark Paul Gosselaar. Premieres Sept. 22 on FOX.

The Exorcist

The Exorcist is a new TV show that plays off the 1973 film and the trailer alone is enough to give me nightmares. The more I see of the series, the more scared I am. Yet, for some reason I can not wait to watch it. Staring Alfonso Herrera, Ben Daniels and the fabulous Geena Davis. Premieres Sept. 23, on FX.

Have one to add to my list? What new shows are you looking forward to this fall?


  1. Janet W. says:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing This Is Us! Mandy Moore is an incredible actress and it’s nice to see her back!

  2. shelly peterson says:

    I definitely want to see This Is Us. This is the first I have heard of Pitch but it looks pretty good and the other one, I don’t do scary. lol

  3. rochelle haynes says:

    Can not wait for the new shows this fall

  4. Liz
    Twitter: yesnofilms

    This is Us looks really good 🙂 I’m hoping to watch. There’s also a new one coming out w/ Kiefer Sutherland as the president that looks good.

  5. I really need to find a TV show to watch religiously! I feel like I am missing something without one!

  6. Karen Glatt says:

    I like a couple of these shows and The Exorcist looks to scary for me. But I will check out the other two to see what they are like this Fall!

  7. These look like good TV shows.

  8. I’m excited to see This is Us. I love the actors and am always up for a good drama.

  9. Rachel Dean says:

    I can tell you that I won’t be watching the Exorcist. That movie freaked me out. The others look good though!

  10. Yes, yes & yes! I’m excited for all of these shows too. Especially the Exorcist.

  11. I think you listed them in the order of my interest – yes, maybe if I have free time, and probably not 😀 I always like seeing stuff with Milo Ventimiglia, as he’s a distant relative 😉

  12. Pitch looks good. I need to start watching TV!

  13. I CANNOT wait for Pitch! I am a huge baseball fan and I love this! I didn’t know Mark Paul was going to be in it too!

  14. missy ellis says:

    maybe i watch them, others shows are frequency

  15. Dianne B
    Twitter: dsb2954

    There are a few new shows I’d like to see but I think NBC’s This is Us is the most anticipated. I’m interested in a lot of different things but I do have to take my hubby into consideration when watching TV in the evening. We will sometimes watch something he first takes an interest in.

  16. Sherri says:

    This Is Us looks really good. We watch something else at that time, but I plan to watch the episodes online

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