7 Things on Sunday

Seven things I’ve done over the past seven days.


1.Was invited back to L.A. for a major press junket. Blog post coming soon.
2.Received my family’s DNA results from Ancestry .com . So interesting!
3.Came home to a nasty mess from our dog being sick while we were at work.
4.Enjoyed a sleepover visit with our granddaughter.
5.Started watching The Catch & Baby Daddy on-demand to prepare for the press trip. Thankfully, I’m enjoying them both.
6.Went to a fun baby shower for our wonderful neighbor. So happy for them!
7.Slept in past 9:00am. What once was rare is beginning to be a Saturday routine .


  1. Liz
    Twitter: yesnofilms

    I’m glad you are liking The Catch, I love that show. I slept until 10:15 or so this Sunday which was very late for me! I was on vacation in the Kzoo area.

  2. The ancestry.com DNA test sounds so interesting! I’ve been wanting to do that for a while. What was the cost like?

  3. Looks like a fun weekend for you.
    #2 sounds really cool! 🙂

  4. I’ve been wanting to do the DNA thing. It sounds interesting.

  5. Sounds like you had an interesting week. Will you be posting about your Ancestry.com results. Were they what you expected?

  6. Ron Leyba says:

    Yay! I wanna try that Ancestry . com too! Hope they can cater here in my area!

  7. Jennifer says:

    Sounds like a great weekend!

  8. Cheryl Wilson says:

    I, too, am curious about my ancestry. My week consisted of being sick. Looking forward to a better week next week.

  9. Karen Glatt says:

    Sorry to hear that Roxy was sick. I hope she is alright now. I love sleeping in! It looks like you had a good week.

  10. Cynthia R says:

    I’ve thought about getting my DNA checked. Isn’t that the worst to come home to pet messes. I’m normally running around, time limits and to have to stop and clean up when there’s a million things to do… so stressy.

  11. Janet W. says:

    I’ve always wanted to try out Ancestry .com! I think my results would be so fascinating!