Online Promotional Branding for Music Acts is More Crucial than Ever

When it comes to outrageous publicity stunts, the music business has never been found wanting. However, the advent of the world wide web has created a serious need for a whole new type of publicity. Promotional branding has become more important than at any other time in the entire history of the industry. Of course, this is every bit as true for almost any business one can think of. However, it remains true that the music business has taken a series of severe hits over the course of the last two decades. As a result, the industry is engaged in a series of reputation repairs and re-branding initiatives.


Savvy Music Managers are Leading the Way to a New Branding Campaign

A new generation of managers, including Coran Capshaw among many others, is leading the way toward a whole new branding initiative for musical acts. Whether the act in question is a long established fan favorite or a brand new up and comer, an online marketing campaign is a definite must. The music business, particularly the recording industry, has lost a great deal of the faith that the public had in them. Soaring concert ticket prices, combined with the advent of legal and illegal downloading, has led to a strained relationship. This means that the way music is marketed needs to be rethought.

Public Branding Has Taken On a Whole New Meaning in the Digital Age

Capshaw and his peers are cognizant of the fact that public branding has taken on a new and completely different significance in the digital age. It’s no longer enough to hand out a few bumper stickers and flyers in order to advertise the next gig of an up and coming act. Hundreds of millions of people surf the web on a daily basis. Of these millions of people, a sizable percentage will doing so in order to find new music that they are interested in hearing. If they like what they hear, the chances of them making an impulse buy are good. The internet is the place where your music needs to be found.

You Can Use the Internet to Brand and Perfect Your Public Image

Whether you are the manager of a new act or a member of the act itself, you can use the power of the web to your ultimate advantage. The more content that you publish to the web, the more chances that you have to be seen and heard by the public. While not everyone can instantly post a viral video, you can still build up a steady base of content that will catch the eye of the public. Every little bit helps. The more content you have available on the web, the more your name will become a recognizable brand.


It’s Important to Understand What the Power of Branding Can Accomplish

Above all else, it’s crucial that you understand what the power of branding can accomplish for your business. Whether you are a musician or a manager, one thing is clear: The old ways of garnering publicity are no longer viable. The internet is now the place where the majority of your advertising should be concentrated. Building your brand is a matter of using the correct means to reach your audience.


  1. Janet W. says:

    It’s amazing how advertising has changed over the years and how you can now reach a wider audience via the internet.