The LEGO Batman Movie Review

A few days ago my family had the privilege of catching a sneak peek of the Lego Batman movie. My family was totally excited because we loved The Lego Movie! So, I’m going to fill you in if you should see this film!


Gotham City as Batman (Will Arnett) knows it is in a state of chaos. If Batman wants to save his beloved city from the Joker (Zach Galifianakis), he is going to have to do some serious soul searching. Batman is going to have to learn to be a team player even if he has to do so kicking and screaming.

In this film, Batman meets his loyal and faithful sidekick Robin (Michael Cera). It’s through his relationship with Robin, and his loyal butler Alfred (Ralph Fiennes) that we find out if Batman will continue working alone or join the team.

From the beginning, this movie will have you laughing out loud. There are jokes in the film for every age group. There are even some throwbacks from the 60’s Batman to the current day movies. This Lego Batman is all about his “nine pack abs”!

My favorite part of the film was when they included The Gremlins from the 1984 movie as villains. I loved the Gremlins growing up. My daughter, Keira, loved the role that Robin played. I don’t want to give too much away on Robin’s part in the film!

Lego Batman Robin

Should you see this movie? Yes, I give it 3.5 stars out of 5. It was cute, but I didn’t feel like it compared to the original, The Lego Movie. My ten-year-old disagreed with me! She gave it five stars, she loved every second of it and wants to purchase it the moment that it comes out!

This movie is rated PG with the runtime of 1 hour and 46 minutes. I would recommend it for Kindergarten and up. A few scenes had small children crying even though nothing happens to the characters I think they were shocked a few times.

Will you see Lego Batman Movie?

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  1. Karen Glatt says:

    This is a really cool movie and it looks like a lot of fun. I love animated movies and I would love to see this in the theater!

  2. I am so jealous that you already got to see it! I cannot wait to go see it with the kids! They are really excited about this one! Looks like so much fun!

  3. My kids cannot wait to see this movie – and either can my husband and I. From what we’ve seen so far there seems to be a lot of witty humour in it!

  4. Oh my goodness! How exciting to get a sneak peek at this one.
    My boys are counting down the days for this one. Although, they are counting down time until they believe it will be on DVD. At that point, they can watch to their hearts content. We loved the LEGO movie and found so much in it for the adults to enjoy along side the kids.

  5. I am so on the fence about this one! My daughter would love it, even at the age of 16, though. May have to try it to see if I can get my imagination back!

  6. Yes we will be seeing it. If it involves a super hero, we are there. I just hope the little guy will sit long enough for it.

  7. What a cast! Zac G. as the Joker would be worth it alone. Love the throw-back references as well. I grew up near the original bat caves so i like to pick up on stuff like that.

  8. Cheryl Wilson says:

    Thanks for the review. I really want to take my grandkids to see it. We really enjoyed the original too. Love the Gremlins, so definitely can’t wait to see Lego Gremlins.

  9. Vera Bortolotto says:

    I cannot wait to take the kidddos to see this! It looks hysterical! I think I maybe as excited as the kids.

  10. My son loves the last one, The Lego Movie. He was batman for Halloween and loves LEGO so I know he will want to see this. We may take the kids to the movies Friday and check it out.

  11. Sounds fun. I no longer have small kids, but I may still watch with the hubby just to check it out. I will wait for it to come out on demand or something though. Thanks for the review. It looks pretty good!

  12. My stepdaughter just turned 11, so I am glad to get your daughter’s point of view. If she gave it five stars, K may like it, too! Good to know for next time she is with us.

  13. Such a fun time. We are super excited for this movie. Might be taking the kids this weekend if they earn it on good behavior. I think it looks so cute. Thanks for the review!

  14. Angela Saver says:

    We are really looking forward to watching this movie! I’ve heard several great reviews!!

  15. We are heading to see this movie this weekend. My son is a big Lego fan, and we loved the original Lego movie too! We have Legoland in our town so we go there often too. All things LEGO all the time!

  16. My boys are really looking forward to seeing this! Im sure we’ll make it a movie night for the family since we;re all fans of Batman! Looks like it will be fun to watch with some snacks and even a bucket of legos to play with

  17. Janet W. says:

    This looks like a movie that my grandsons would really enjoy! Batman is one of their favorites and they love legos.