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One of the highlights of my recent trip to L.A. was time spent celebrating FreeForm’s hit series “Baby Daddy”. We were able to screen the season 6 premiere episode, followed by an exclusive Q & A, and baby shower themed luncheon with the cast.

Season six premiere –

The newly pregnant couple, Danny and Riley, search for the perfect doctor for their baby while Ben continues his quest to find his mysterious dream girl on the spring premiere episode of season six of “Baby Daddy,” airing MONDAY, MARCH 13 (8:30-9:00 p.m. EDT) on Freeform.

In the episode “To Elle and Back,” three months have passed since the finale, and Ben is still enthusiastically searching for the mysterious Elle. Danny and Riley are hunting for a good doctor to help with the pregnancy, and Bonnie desperately wants to be involved. Tucker is back from Los Angeles, but he refuses to tell anyone what happened when he was there.

Already being a big fan of the series, it’s not a surprise that I really enjoyed this episode. While the big and exciting story-line is obviously Danny and Riley’s baby, it seems no character will be left behind this season when it comes to the laughs. Although the story-line of Ben and his mysterious Elle has not been my favorite, I’m now feeling invested and wondering where they could possibly go from here. Speaking of wondering – I need to know what happened to Tucker in Los Angeles, whatever happened it has got to be good! Season six is off to a solid start. There is great character movement, and plenty of laugh out loud moments in this episode. I’m really excited to see what happens next.


“Baby Daddy” Baby Shower lunch / Q&A with cast Derek Theler (“Danny Wheeler”) and Tahj Mowry (“Tucker Dobbs”), Chelsea Kane (“Riley Perrin”).

Q: What can we expect besides pregnancy in season 6?

Chelsea: Brad goes to jail and I’m defending him. So, that’s also a big storyline for Riley this year, is, not only is she hormonal and trying to hide her pregnancy, which I also think is, you know, a hot button issue. She is worried that once her boss finds out that she is pregnant that she’s just gonna look like one giant case of maternity leave. So, she’s trying to hide her pregnancy and on top of that defend Mrs. Wheelers husband in court. So, she’s kind of an emotional train wreck for most of the season.

Q: do you have any input with what happens with the show?

Chelsea: Well, we always kind of make the joke now that the lines between our characters and our real selves have been completely blurred at this point. We’ve been so lucky to have pretty much the same set of writers all six seasons and we’re really good friends with them too. So, after the show on Friday night, we all go into the bar to celebrate or having dinner with each other over the hiatus and often times we’ll come in on Monday morning, sit and having lunch with the writers and the crew. Telling some wild story that happened and sure enough, two weeks later, it’s in the show. So, that I guess we input in that way by default and yeah, they’re very generous with letting us improv. Of course, working with Melissa Peterman, who’s kind of the queen of improv.

Derek: But usually on Friday nights when we’re shooting in front of the live audience, once we get it the way it is on the page, we kind of cut Melissa loose and then it’s like everybody just brace yourself.

Q: What’s something that you wanna see your characters do before the show eventually, hopefully in a long time ends? Obviously give birth.

Chelsea: Yeah, the happens, guys that does happen.

Derek: We see the baby.

Chelsea: That was something that I definitely wanted this season, once we established that Riley was pregnant. I wanted to see it through and not leave it on a cliffhanger. So, you do get to meet our baby and that was a really emotional day on set.

Derek: It was a super emotional scene for sure. And we had a thirteen-day old baby.

Chelsea: Which was the scariest thing ever.You know, the head thing and I was like oh god, so those were real just tears because I was so nervous. But that was something I definitely wanted to see happen.

Tahj: For Tucker, a lot of people are always like when’s he gonna fall in love, you know, when is he gonna meet that girl and this season that might happen. So, that’s something cool. I think fans are really like that.

Derek: For my character, I was hoping that Danny would like tie the knot with Riley. So, that’s something that I’m hoping for in the future.

Chelsea: Yeah, it’s a good one. And also, you know, I love the relationship with Bonnie and Riley. It’s that great mother-in-law, like she’s so hard on her. And Melissa and I have talked since season one, of really wanting to have that breakthrough, where she’s, the reason she’s so hard on her is because she really loves her. So, that was something that Melissa and I got to have this year.

I think that what’s so special about this season is the stuff we’ve always talked about wanting to do, we finally decided to. And I’m not just saying this, I think it’s the funniest season we’ve done. It’s also the most grounded I feel. And heartfelt and I think you don’t get that in a lot of multicam sitcoms nowadays. It’s not just setups and jokes. – Chelsea

Q: I have a question. My husband is a huge fan of your fashion on the show, he’ll watch it and be like ooh, I would wear that, I would wear that. Do you guys have any input at all in wardrobe that you wear on camera?

Tahj: I’ll say with Tucker, each season I’ve had more and more input but it’s always been that kind of put together, not afraid to tuck his shirt in, which I don’t. It’s not my favorite thing. And it’s pretty funny. All the props to Kat, she’s amazing and she makes it work. So, I’m going to tell Kat next time I see her cause I know she’d love that. But if you came on set, you’d probably hear somebody come up to me a couple of times and tell me to tuck my shirt in. Cause I’m trying to get away with it, like maybe they won’t see me and I can like have it out in this scene, but they always see me.

Q: I really like the relationship between Bonnie and Tucker, I always think that they’re hilarious together.

Tahj: Yeah, we always say they secretly love each other. Oh yeah, this season you definitely get to see a lot more trouble. They’re always in trouble. So, yeah definitely some more Tucker and Bon-Bon shenanigans.

Q: Is any of that you or is it all really scripted?

Tahj: After a couple of takes, if they feel like they’ve got it written they’ll let us go for it, you know, and they don’t yell cut, they’ll just keep.

Derek: I don’t know if you saw the episode where Tahj (Tucker) is trying to run away from Melissa (Bonnie) and on take 3, they’re coming back from the airport and she picks up a full-sized suitcase and just hits at Tahj. So, its stuff like that that happens on the third take.

Chelsea: Whenever we’ve been with Melissa specifically, you’ve gotta be ready. You’ve gotta be ready because it could also be painful. She’s also known for just making out with extras. Every season, it’s almost like three times a season. She’ll make out with a stranger that’s not expecting it. She just grabs them and start kissing.

Q: Does Riley plan to become a stay at home mom now with the baby or is she going to try and find a balance?

Chelsea: Yeah, that’s like what I loved so much about some of my story-lines this season, Riley is dealing with the fact that she’s worried that she’s not gonna get a promotion and be treated differently because she is pregnant. And she is a lawyer and loves her job and is good at her job and there are kind of those conversations that are happening between her and Danny, you know, with her boss that she’s so worried that by being a working mom, that she’s just gonna screw it up. I mean, Danny is gonna be the best dad, his so prepared and reading all the books and Riley is really emotional about the fact that.

He is not reading books, he was playing games.

Derek: He’s giving it his best shot. A lot of picture books. But, poor Danny.

Chelsea: I don’t know, I think she wants to be a career mom, that’s where we left it. So, who knows. We’ll see maybe Mr. Mom over there, we don’t know. But I think it was really nice. Dan Berendsen, our show runner, we got to have a great conversation, where he said, I know this is a comedy and you know, there are jokes throughout here but this is big, you know, an important subject that you shouldn’t take lightly and I’m so glad he said that to me. Because I realized, how many women go through that. So, we’ll see.


The cast of Baby Daddy is one of the nicest I have met. Our time together was totally relaxed, and a lot of fun. I love that they stuck around and mingled during our Baby Shower Luncheon. We even played a hilarious game of charades featuring baby phrases together! I was on team Derek, we didn’t win the game, but my memory of Derek acting out labor pains is something I am still giggling over.


Six fun facts about the cast and series:

  1. Baby Daddy is the 2017 People’s Choice Award winner for Favorite Cable TV Comedy.
  2. The cast recently celebrated filming their 100th episode!
  3. The role of Emma has been played by the same twins for the past three years.
  4. The cast really does get along, and often spends time together off-set.
  5. Derek Theler’s dream role is to play a super hero.
  6. Chelsea wore a prosthetic belly that weighed up to 15 pounds while filming this season and even kept it on while rehearsing.

Derek: Hitting a hundred is just, it’s hard to come by these days, so that’s an amazing feeling for sure for all of us. But I think the People’s Choice Awards specifically was an amazing night. Like we got to be surrounded by all these extremely successful people in this business and people we look up to, we had to get to work the next day but we had like such a great time as a family.

Chelsea: I slept in my dressing room.

Tahj: We lived it up, we had a really good time and it was such a special night because we were all together and we won this award from our fans and the people who voted and we just had an amazing time with all these people that we truly look up to. It was cool.

Chelsea: Yeah, it wasn’t just my grandmother voting. People are really tuning in each week and watching us and that’s amazing.

Derek: Yeah, it’s crazy, this business is crazy. TV shows they come and go, you’re lucky to get picked up from the pilot stage, and we’re in our sixth season and that’s just crazy and to hit a hundred episodes is a TV milestone. It really lets you know that people really do love us and we’re really doing this.

Chelsea: That we still like each other five years on and we have so much of our same crew. I mean, I wish we could get everyone on camera. So, many of the group got to celebrate a hundred episodes with us. You know, from the prop department to wardrobe to sound, it’s just, it really is such a family.

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Baby Daddy has been one of my favorite comedies for a while. I’ve seen every episode and often find myself laughing about a scene again the following day. In a time that we’ve all been focused on such serious world issues, this cast has kept me laughing, and probably saved my sanity, which is a real gift.

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