We’re Doing Our Homework To Save Money with Groupon #ad


It’s hard to believe that our youngest daughter is about to graduate high school, it feels like only yesterday she was starting kindergarten. Yet, here we are planning her grad party, and helping her prep for college. To be finished with high school is such a relief, and also one of the biggest turning points in a young person’s life. There are so many life changes happening at this time, and so many details to think about. We are doing everything we can to supply our daughter with the necessities to help her stay focused and on track to building the future she wants for herself.


None of which comes easy. It’s not just the cost of college classes that you have to budget for, but there are plenty of books and supplies needed with every semester. Some of these can really add up, like a sturdy book-bag, a tablet, and a laptop. Technology plays an important role in learning these days, and we want our daughter to have the best and most reliable products we can afford. So, as her parents, we’re doing our homework to find the best deals – at the top of our places to save money is Groupon. Did you know you can shop Groupon deals by merchant, like Microsoft Store and Best Buy? Best Buy has currently made it even easier for parents like us, by grouping “Best Buy Coupon Codes For College Students” together. how cool is that!?

Check out all of the current deals on Groupon and save 20% Off Local, 10% Off Getaways & 10% Off Goods!


This post is sponsored by Groupon. All opinions expressed are honest and my own. This post contains affiliate links.


  1. robin rue says:

    Oh yes, we love Groupon in our house. We use it all the time and save TONS of money by using it.

  2. Groupon has been around for awhile now so I am surprised more people haven’t heard of it. My son uses it all the time.

  3. I just love Groupon. I use it often, because I always like to save money. My son will be graduating in three years so I save what I can!

  4. We use Groupon quite a bit! A few years back we were able to get a membership to a local children’s museum for half price. We used that pass so many times! We wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of that opportunity without groupon.

  5. I do my best to find coupons on items I want to buy, but I’ve only ever used groupon for events. My mom contacted me about going ziplining because there was a groupon for it!

  6. Groupon has some great deals. I have been checking out the local offers quite a bit lately, there’s some nice deals and I’m watching to see what’s in my area.

  7. I will definitely use Groupon for our getaway this year. It can be costly not to find ways to save from here and there.

  8. I have to admit I do love Groupon I’ve found some amazing deals via it in the past, but I really don’t check it as much as I should.

  9. I know collecting and using groupon can sometimes be very overwhelming. But when you think about all that you saved, it’s worth it.

  10. Groupon offers great deals as always. I have to check more available deals nearby.

  11. Chasity L Boatman says:

    Congrats on her upcoming graduation! Groupon will be a great way for her to have great experiences on a budget with her new friends in college.

  12. Rebecca Swenor says:

    Grouponing is something my son actually used and got me into it. You can save so much money just by using Groupons. Thanks for sharing the information.

  13. There’s nothing quite like Groupon. I’ve saved so much money with them. Really such a blessing to have a service like this.

  14. My Teen Guide says:

    Congratulations to your daughter. Time flies fast! I felt the same way when my daughter graduated from high school. and then its seems in a blink of the eye, she was graduating from college! Hope you get to organize a great graduation party for her. Groupon will definitely be a big help in saving on the costs for that big day.

  15. My middle daughter is graduating this year. I used groupon to purchase a lot of meals and fun stuff to do during our graduation vacation to the beach. Groupon is our go to savings spot.

  16. rika says:

    I haven’t checked my Groupon deals for a while. I love using discount websites to save money on restaurants, online shopping, etc.

  17. Your daughter is growing as a beautiful lady now. Time flies so fast. Yes, groupon helps me save a lot on their coupons.

  18. I used to be into grouping and stopped for some reason. I need go back and look for more discounts, I remember they always has awesome deals.

  19. Angela Saver says:

    I LOVE saving money with Groupon! Love it!

  20. Rosie says:

    I’ve not yet used Groupon. I see how many great deals there are from this post, I’m excited to check it out. And congratulations to the graduate, and to you for helping her get this far!!

  21. Janet W. says:

    I love to save money by using Groupon as well!