The Big Move: 4 Safety Tips to Remember When Moving into Your New Home

It’s time for the big move! Yay! You can now officially call yourself a homeowner. It feels good, doesn’t it? “Yeah, I own my own 3-bedroom, 2 ½ bath,” you can say to the baby boomer who asks if you own any real estate. You can even let them know, “Yeah, I haven’t had to cut down on the avocado toast, either!”

In celebrating the move, you might overlook a few moving safety protocols. It’s one thing to pack a box of books, but it’s something else entirely when you have to lift and move said box into the moving truck. The box can be so heavy that you might realize you can’t even lift it up off of the floor.


To protect yourself from a moving injury, practice the five tips below:

Use moving equipment.

After having bought the house and ordered the new furniture, spending any more money than you need to will feel like a bad decision. When it comes to making your life and the move easier, renting moving equipment will be a life saver.


Renting a hand truck or dolly (or both!) will help you move the larger items (such as an armoire or bookcase, or a super, over packed box of books) with ease. The Spruce writes that using a “utility dolly – the upright kind with two wheels – can be used to stack and move several boxes at once, saving your back and the possibility of dropping a box that contains breakables.” Using a dolly will save you on time and effort.


Lift with your legs!

Lifting with your legs is common knowledge when moving things, but we all seem to make the mistake of lifting with our backs, causing injury. A strained back can put your moving efforts on hold, keeping your settling house waiting.


Do you want to live in a house with stacked boxes for weeks? Probably not. So, when lifting a heavy box of books, suggests that you “bend your knees and use the strength of your arms and your legs to take the item off the ground and carry it. Hold it close to your body, take small steps and keep your movements slow and steady.”


Pack the boxes securely in the truck.

Nothing will, pardon my French here, suck quite as much as lifting the moving truck’s door and having all of your boxes tumble out into the driveway. You can bet Grandma’s crystal from the Old Country will have broken in that the fall.


When packing the truck, pack the heaviest boxes first, and stack the boxes from the floor to the ceiling. Make sure the heavy boxes are stacked at the bottom. UPack advises that you “pack [the boxes] tight, like a jigsaw puzzle – all space should be filled to avoid shifting in transit.” To make things easier, label each box so that when you’re unloading the truck, you know which room to wheel it into.


Remove all debris from pathways.

Before officially moving into your new home, you should have a homeowners’ insurance policy on it. Homeowners’ insurance includes property and injury liability coverage. What this means is that if you or a mover is hurt in your home on move-in day, your insurance will foot the bill.


You can find the best homeowners insurance coverage with sites like CoverHound—sites that match you with insurance companies that best fit your needs. But, to keep from having to rely too heavily on your insurance make sure there is no debris or strewn boxes in walking paths that can cause you or your moving buddies to fall and get hurt!


Just follow the tips above and all will turn out well. This is moving made easy.



  1. Moving is such a busy time! These are some great tips :]

  2. Moving is so much work. We moved twice in one year. Great tips.

  3. I’ve told my husband I’m never moving again 😉 Last time I was very pregnant and off the hook for most of the heavy lifting. LOL