Cars On The Silver Screen

Cars can be seen in all types of movies, ranging from comedies to superhero films, but their roles in each movie tend to be different. In some movies, a character without his car would be unthinkable (i.e., Batman without his Batmobile), but in others, the cars are there solely for the eye candy.

Photo credit: Universal Pictures

Photo credit: Universal Pictures

For other movies, the cars help move the plot along, and are essential. Can you imagine The Fast and the Furious series without cars? (I suppose the main characters would have to use bicycles or scooters …)
And you can’t talk about The Dukes of Hazzard (both the TV show and the 2005 movie) without mentioning the classic orange 1969 Dodge Charger that was so prevalent throughout.
In other movies, the lack of a car is more present than the actual car. Dude, Where’s My Car? (2000) is one such film, where Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott forget where they parked their car after a wild night of partying.

Photo Credit: Summit Entertainment

Photo Credit: Summit Entertainment

Cars tend to be very important to movie characters, as well. In John Wick (2014) and its sequel, John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017), after thugs steal the title character’s beloved Mustang, he won’t rest until he gets the car back – which of course involves lots of action scenes and carnage.

Another example of this would be Clint Eastwood’s character in Gran Torino (2008), partially filmed in Michigan, when a young man who lives next door tries to steal Eastwood’s Ford Gran Torino; however, Eastwood’s character uses the almost-theft as a lesson for the young man, and becomes his mentor.

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  1. robin rue says:

    The Dukes of Hazard car is the BEST! I didn’t see the movie, but I LOVED the old show. I would watch it on reruns with my mom!

  2. Cars do stand out in certain movies! From car chases to car crashes, I’m remembering so many movies that are all about the cars.

  3. candy says:

    Wondering if hubby knows about If not he will soon enough. The James Bond cars always stand out in my mind. Who wouldn’t want such cool stuff on their fancy car.

  4. Cars are awesome in the movies. sounds like a great place to look. Will check it out when we start looking to a new car.

  5. I am a car girl and I love when I see my favorites on TV. We use to watch a show with Don Johnson called Nash Bridges, he had a beautiful yellow, convertible Cuda. I used recently when we bought our mini van, they have great information.

  6. I am pretty sure my husband watches movies just for the cars LOL. He is very addicted to cars. I am not sure if he knows about but I may never get them back if I tell them about it LOL. And the next year or two we will have to get a new car so we will definitely check here.

  7. My husband loves the John Wick movies because of how “real” they are. He’s more referring the guns, but I think every thing seems legit!

  8. Great resource! We are actually looking to buy a new car next year and have no idea what we want to get.

  9. My parents just bought a new mini van and they used it was a great company for them to use. We are hoping to buy a new car in a few months too

  10. It’s so funny, I saw the title and thought this was going to be about Disney Cars. Clearly I have watched it way too often. I love a good car chase in a film, and I’m sure my boys will too once they are older.

  11. I love both movies, the Gran Torino and John Wick. My husband is all about the cars when watching a movie lol.

  12. Fast and Furious is the best car franchise ever! I am in the market to get a new car so I should check out

  13. I don’t think I can even begin to imagine Fast and Furious without the cars they used in the movies. Even Batman without his batmobile is unthinkable

  14. Yes, I totally notice cars in movies. I always check out the model and make and whether there’s an unusual color on the car. My husband does the same thing.

  15. I’m not a big car fan, but the odd time a flashy car will catch my eye! They definitely add to creating the scene for movies though.

  16. I absolutely love seeing all the cars in movies. I’m slowly learning about and I’m slowly loving it!

  17. Ha! I never really thought about that! Well, except for the Batmobile (I’ve ALWAYS thought that was the best car ever and that I would LOVE to drive it!) fun post topic ; )

  18. Sandy N Vyjay says:

    As a kid, I always used to wonder how they could crash so many beautiful cars in those action movies. I love watching those elegant cars they show in some movies. You are right, each movie portrays cars in a different manner.

  19. Catvills says: must really be a good resource. I have been reading article after article endorsing I will have to check on this because we are looking into getting a new car soon.

  20. Sue E says:

    I love the John Wick movies and Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino – which is a classic!! My grandkids love it too!
    And let’s not forget Miami Vice’s cars! Sonny drove an awesome one! So did Starsky and Hutch! And let’s not forget
    The Knight Rider’s car, Kitt!!
    A movie I really liked too was Death Race!
    None of these shows or movies would have even been worth watching without CARS!!

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