Look Who Graduated! 5 Simple Tips for a Great Graduation Party #partysupplies #orientaltrading

Our daughter graduated high school this year, class of 2017 and I still can not believe it. Senior year was like a world-wind. It was all S.A.T.’s, prom-dresses, senior pictures, finals and puff – you were done. Where did the time go? Yet, as fast as it went by, we tried to take it all in, trust me, because it really is a special time. A time to celebrate.


We threw Allison a graduation party, and for some crazy reason decided to do it at our home. I spent a lot of time questioning that decision, and feeling totally out of my league. There are just so many details to a good grad party. Yet, because of the five tips below, and countless support filled emails, calls and texts to my sister, and aunt, we somehow pulled it off. And, it turned out to be a pretty great party.

1. Prepare and make what you can ahead of time.
We were lucky to have an empty room in our house, so we decorated and set up tables a week in advance. It sounds simple, but it really relieved a lot of stress on the actual party day.

2. Let those who ask help you.
This was a hard one for me. When I host a party or gathering, I like to do everything myself. This time as the party dates grew closer, and friends and family asked if I needed help, I spoke up. I let my dad run a few errands, and one of my best friends came over and made one of the main food dishes a day before the party, letting me focus on the cleaning.

3. Buy resale and borrow from friends.
I hit the jackpot here. I bought several items on our local Facebook resale group. Having kids in the neighborhood graduate in the same year, I was able to score a lot of fun items with our school colors for less than half the price. Like these fun center pieces, which were perfect and already put together. We also borrowed a few big items from friends and family that offered, like food warmers, tables and even a large outdoor tent. What a big help!


4. Order supplies online.
With just a few clicks, I received a lot of our party supplies and decorations from Oriental Trading. They are like a one stop shop, that offers high quality party supplies, decorations, games, treats and even gifts. Shopping on their website saved me a lot of time and aggravation. It was nice to come home from work and find everything in one large box on our porch.

5. Except that life is not a Pinterest board, you don’t need that kind of pressure.
I started surfing and collecting pins on Pinterest about a year in advance. I had all kinds of expectations and plans to make some really cool stuff. HELLO, I’m not even crafty! So one by one, these ideas turned to stress and would have added a lot of cost that our budget just didn’t have room for. So after hearing my sister say that she had been to a dozen grad parties and not one looked like a Pinterest board, I was able to let that stress go. I still did a couple of simple, and fun things, like these easy to hang photo clips, and you know what – it was all good. In-fact, it was pretty darn great.


No matter what kind of party you are throwing, Oriental Trading will make it easy. Here are a few photos of the signs, cups, plates, table covers and balloons that I received for review. They were each the perfect color, held up nicely and were very well made. I have no complaints and will definitely be ordering from them again.





FTC Disclosure: Free products were received for the purpose of this blog post. All photos used, and opinions expressed are my own and honest. I was not asked or influenced to write a positive review. This blog post contains no affiliate links.


  1. Congratulation on graduation. Looks like the party was fun and successful just like you will be now. Love the decorations

  2. Trying to be organized is important. Shopping online can be very convenient, plus you can have access to a wider selection of choices online as well.

  3. Congrats to your daughter! High school graduations are such important events in the lives of our children. A graduation party is fun to plan and Oriental Trading is a great place to shop for party decor.

  4. Thank you for these tips. It looks like the party was a blast. I’m not sure if I’ll throw a graduation party for my kids or not. I never had one. Maybe I’ll let them take a few friends to the movies and call it a day!

  5. Congratulations to your daughter! Oriental Trading is one of my fave party planning sites. We recently hosted a 90th birthday celebration for my mother in law and bought a lot of the 90th birthday themed party supplies. One stop shop and AFFORDABLE.

  6. Congratulations on your daughter graduating. That is a great accomplishment in itself. I love the idea of trying to get stuff from friends so you don’t need to spend as much money. Oriental Trading Company is probably one of my favorite places to get party supplies.

  7. Congratulations to her! It is such an exciting time of life. My daughter will be graduating from COLLEGE in December. I can’t believe it! Time goes so fast. I love the decorations you used from Oriental Trading Company too.

  8. Aww congratulations on your daughters graduation it is so exciting for you all and it sounds like you planned such a great celebration as well.

  9. Yay for graduation! My daughter graduated in May. We didn’t do a party because we waited too late to plan one. So my biggest piece of advice..PLAN far in advance at least the date, and get invitations out.

  10. Awe congratulations on the job well done and good luck to your new chapter. You gave me an idea what to do when my first born graduate here in a couple of years.

  11. You’re making me tear up. I loved planning graduation parties for the kids but they’re all grown now and flown the coup. Your daughter is gorgeous and I know she will do well and have a great after college life.

  12. Looks like your daughter had a lovely graduation! I love oriental trading, they have so much stuff for any occasion. I love shopping there for party favors.

  13. I will be in this position in a few years. My eldest will be going off to post-secondary education and it will be a bittersweet feeling when it happens. These are great ideas to pocket. My favourites have to be to prep ahead of time and to accept help from others when offered. They will save you time and energy.

  14. Congrats to the graduate and to you mom 🙂 My oldest just graduated the University of Delaware. I love how you decorated!

  15. Oh good for her!! She had an awesome grad party by the looks of it. ;]

  16. Bonnie G says:

    Congrats to your daughter. =) I am getting ready to plan my daughters for 2018. Will have to get some supplies from Oriental Trading.

  17. I’ve gotten at making things ahead of time. I need to let those who ask help actually help. I don’t know why that’s a challenge.

  18. What a lovely party and congratulations Allison, I am loving these tips. Life is not pinterest perfect for sure

  19. Terra Heck says:

    Congrats to your daughter, and best wishes on her future endeavors. I think the grad party decor looks great. My two sons graduated high school this year also.

  20. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    Wow. I loved the decorations. A plus was because it was in my favorite color – greeen! I still have one more son in college and hopefully he will be done next year. I am going to refer back to your blog for inspiration on how to throw an awesome party and stay within budget.

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