The Festive Hollywood Premiere of Disney/Pixar’s COCO & Movie Review #PixarCocoEvent

It was a colorful, and festive evening as Disney/Pixar’s COCO took over Hollywood for it’s U.S. premiere at the beautiful El Capitan Theatre and I had the honor of attending!

Disney/Pixar’s COCO

Disney/Pixar’s COCO is a celebration of family, culture and music. The Hollywood Pre Party was just that – decked out in beautiful vibrant colors, amazing authentic food, beautiful dancers, live mariachi bands that could be heard for blocks, and laughing that was heard for miles. The party was a real family event, with rows of Coco themed arts & crafts and activities. I even had a little green screen fun!

I wish my photos did the evening justice, but there truly is no way to capture how fabulous this party was. Everywhere I looked there was something happening, and people smiling. It was such an amazing time and a real honor to attend. An experience I wont ever forget.

Pixar Coco movie

Of course every Hollywood Premiere includes celebrities, but what made this one so special was the fact that it was a family event. I saw a variety of film makers, and actors enjoying the party with their kids. One of the things I enjoy most about attending a Hollywood Premiere is that you never know who else will be there as a guest, a few that I spotted; Jaime Camil, Alfonso Ribeiro, John Lasseter, Guillermo Rodriguez (Jimmy Kimmel Live!), Al Yankovic, Mario Lopez, Idina Menzel and Raini, and Rico Rodrigruez. It was such a fun crowd. I’m not often comfortable with taking photos/seflies, and felt we were all there to relax and enjoy the party, but I know it’s always exciting to see who attended, so I’m happy to share a few of my favorite red carpet pics, courtesy of Getty Images for Disney.

coco premiere

Despite his family’s baffling generations-old ban on music, Miguel (voice of newcomer Anthony Gonzalez) dreams of becoming an accomplished musician like his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz (voice of Benjamin Bratt). Desperate to prove his talent, Miguel finds himself in the stunning and colorful Land of the Dead following a mysterious chain of events. Along the way, he meets charming trickster Hector (voice of Gael García Bernal), and together, they set off on an extraordinary journey to unlock the real story behind Miguel’s family history.

Coco is a story based on Día de los Muertos, a tradition originating from Mexico, but the film plays like a love letter to all families. Miguel’s struggle to respect his family’s wishes, while fulfilling his own dreams is something we can all relate to. Each character is so well written and well played that the movie moves pretty quick, and is entertaining for all ages. Miguel’s journey is a heartfelt and exciting one, with just like real life – a few twists that audiences will not see coming. There are a lot of laugh out loud moments in Coco, but again like real life, there are a few tears as well. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie from beginning to end. The film is filled with beautiful vibrant colors, and music that will keep you singing, long after you leave the theater. I feel the need to mention that Coco features the best animation that I have ever seen. A few of the scenes are so beautiful that they honestly took my breath away. This is a must see film for the whole family, and I’m predicting now that soon everyone will be loco for Coco.

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COCO is rated PG, and opens in theaters everywhere on November 22nd!

Watch for more on Disney/Pixar’s COCO to be shared here soon, including interviews with the cast and film makers, and a look at fun, new Coco products.

Disclosure: Travel, lodging, events, and meals during this trip were provided courtesy of Disney/Pixar, Disney Studios, & ABC. All opinions expressed are still honest and my own.


  1. My daughters are super excited to see Coco. They have been waiting forever as it seems this has been advertised for a long time. ? So glad you had such a great time, I imagine movie premiers are so awesome to attend.

  2. Liz
    Twitter: yesnofilms

    Looks like a fun night 🙂 I’d love to attend a movie premiere at some point. I’m looking forward to seeing Coco on Thursday, as well.

  3. What a FUN event! So colorful and love the costumes! I can’t wait to see this movie!

  4. oh, wow, seriously! I didn’t even know about this one coming out this fall! Thanks for that post – my kids will love it! And it seems like you had a nice night out;))

  5. Appears as if you had an incredible visit to Hollywood! My daughter wants to go see this film when it arrives at theaters so glad you gave it a good review.

  6. Monica Y says:

    I followed along on social media because I am super excited about the movie. The premier looked so much fun and everything was so beautiful. Hollywood and Disney really know how to make a party special. I cannot wait to take the whole family to watch the movie. The event looked like so much fun.

  7. This looks like a lot of fun! What a great event! I’ve not heard of this movie.

  8. Wow this is quite the experience. I love Disney movies and I am a huge fan of animated movies, regardless of my age I will always find the time to watch the newest movie. Since Coco isn’t a remake but a new and fresh movie, I can see a lot of kids and older adults wanting to see this in theater. This is a great idea for a movie since it is based on a culture/tradition.

  9. R U S S says:

    I have to give it ( again ) to Disney. I don’t really like watching cartoons but when I first saw the trailer of this, I knew it was going to be an exception. I like how it’s not just a movie about family – culture being injected in the story makes it more interesting and would make grown-ups watch it too.

  10. The movie looks like one my kids will enjoy 🙂 And the event and trip look fabulous!

  11. I followed along! Looks simply amazing. The colors of the “red” carper were so cool! Love it, so much creativity. We saw the movie last week here in Denver for a screening. It was breathtaking. So good. I cannot wait to see it again.

  12. That looks like such fun. I can’t wait to see this movie. We’re a huge Disney family and I love it when they come out with ones that are a little different than the typical. Really freshens things up!

  13. Ron Leyba says:

    Wow! This is such an amazing premier. Love it. Hope I can witness something this grand too!

  14. That looks like an amazing premier! I actually haven’t heard of this movie though so I’m gonna check it out! It might be something my nieces will love 😀

  15. I also did not know that this movie was coming out. So many great movies to watch this fall/winter. The hollywood premiere must have been a lot of fun!

  16. This is so cute! I saw the Coco themed dance on DWTS a few weeks back and liked the music. This would be so fun to take my niece to.

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