7 Things on Sunday

Seven things I've done over the last seven days. 1. Battled a sore throat and touch of pneumonia 2. Wore pajamas seven days in a row 3. Worried I should have been in the hospital 4. Coughed so hard I saw stars 5. Spent seven days and seven nights on the couch 6. Watched the movie RED five times over six days 7. Was reminded by their phone calls and emails how blessed I am with caring … [Read more...]

An evening with Lenny Kravitz

I've been a Lenny Kravitz fan for over 20 years. He is one of the few artist I simply can't get enough of! His voice, his music and of course his looks sure don't hurt. Note - the man is even more beautiful in-person. The perfect mix of peace, love & rock and roll. This was my third time seeing Lenny Kravitz perform live over the years and each time has been an amazing experience. In my opinion no … [Read more...]

7 Things on Sunday

Seven things I've done over the past seven days. 1. Listed and sold two more items on eBay 2. Spent an evening sick in bed with a cold 3. Received a signed movie poster from Channing Tatum 4. Played Barbies with my granddaughter 5. Went to the movies with my husband 6. Drank Margaritas 7. Made homemade turkey pot pies … [Read more...]

7 Things on Sunday

Seven things I've done over the last seven days. 01. Watched a Charmed marathon with my 12 yr old daughter. 02. Started organizing a local blanket drive for the homeless. 03. Missed my husband while he was out of town. 04. Started reading The Lucky One. 05. Missed a doctors appointment. 06. Listed four items on eBay. 07. Baked an Apple Caramel Cake. … [Read more...]

Happiest of Holidays

To all of you, from Five Dollar Shake and The Muppets! … [Read more...]

Reminding Myself to be Thankful for The Holiday Stress

With the big holiday only a week away, I've really been stressing about how I'm going to get everything done in time! I have lists of my to-do lists, and I work in the office every day this week. To help put things in prospective, I thought I'd take a few minutes to remind myself how blessed I am, and to share with my readers my reminder to be thankful for the holiday stress. This weeks … [Read more...]

7 Things on Sunday

Seven things I've done in the past seven days. 1. Celebrated 12 years of marriage. 2. Attended a screening of the movie War Horse. 3. Did more than half of my Christmas shopping. 4. Bought myself a new purse. Fist one in years. 5. Won a pretty sweet prize on a blog. 6. Enjoyed a night of dinner and cards with my parents. 7. Dropped off a huge amount of donation at my local Salvation Army. … [Read more...]

7 Things on Sunday

Seven things I’ve done in the past seven days. 1. Chatted with singer Jack Johnson and his wife via webcam in promotion of the movie Bag It. 2. Enjoyed a sleepover with my granddaughter 3. Stayed home sick from work. 4. Cried over a TV show. (Parenthood) 5. Tried a new recipe and loved it. 6. Enjoyed Kieflie making day with my family. 7. Hosted a candle party at my house. … [Read more...]

Craftsman Holiday Blog-bash Chicago

I attended the Craftsman Holiday Blogger Bash while in Chicago last weekend. The Craftsman studio loft was an awesome place for a blogger party! … [Read more...]

7 Things on Sunday

Seven things I've done in the past seven days. 1. Drove home from a fun weekend in Chicago. 2. Saw Breaking Dawn. 3. Stayed awake past 3:00 am. 4. Enjoyed a nice holiday with my family. 5. Scored a couple of Black Friday deals online. 6. Went to a friends house to watch a chick flick. 7. Pulled all of the Christmas stuff out of the attic. … [Read more...]

Gleek Retreat 10′

I had the pleasure of attending the first Into The Woods Retreat. Honestly the retreat was a treat in it's self. Hidden with in Michigan's beautiful woods we were pampered in a relaxing setting, offered massages and treated to delicious home made food. That was in addition to the awesome company us bloggers bring to any gathering! It was great to meet some new blogging friends and to … [Read more...]

This Is The Chair

This is the chair that I sat in on my grandmothers porch. For hours, as a young girl singing songs, watching cars go by and listening to my grandmother tell me stories. Years later, this is the same chair my daughter Bethany sat in on that same porch. Most likely singing the same songs and hearing the same stories from my grandmother, her great grandmother. Now, this is the chair Rebecca … [Read more...]

The Great Wolf Lodge, Mommy Blogger Conference

The nice people at Great Wolf Lodge invited my family along with a list of other Mommy Bloggers for an overnight stay and to experience the kick off weekend of Snowland - their yearly Christmas, Winter Wonderland celebration. The celebration includes a long list of family activities such as reindeer cookie decorating, t- shirt painting, nightly story time under the clock tower that sits in the … [Read more...]