Flash Giveaway! Win A $25 eBay Gift Card

This giveaway is now closed. Up for grabs is one $25 eBay Gift card! Better be quick, this flash giveaway ends Saturday 12/15/12. Enter to win by leaving a comment below naming the last item you bought or sold on eBay. Easy as that! Want extra entries? Of course you do! Leave a separate comment after doing any or all of the following. Tweet the following: Enter 2 #Win a $25 … [Read more...]

eBay Holiday Gift Guide & Sweepstakes

There is no question that eBay makes my holiday shopping experience easier. I start planning my holiday shopping list in October each year. This gives me plenty of time to find ideas, compare prices, and to stay somewhat organized. All of this has made a huge impact on our budget. No more last minute gift searching or buying, which almost always ends in over paying. Often, I find the best gift … [Read more...]

Your Holiday Budget & eBay

What would you say if I told you that there is a way to make some real money, easy money, anytime of day or night, without even leaving your house? Fast enough to really beef up this year's holiday budget! Would you believe me? Are ya ready for it? The answer is eBay! Yeah, eBay! eBay makes it easy to make money, on your own terms, and your own schedule. Oh, and another bonus to selling on eBay … [Read more...]

The #eBayThanksYou Campaign

I have done a lot of blogging over the years expressing my love for all things eBay. Over the past decade, the use of eBay has helped my family not only supplement income when needed, but to also build up and stretch our everyday budget. Giving us more freedom to create fun memories as a family. Below is my fun top ten list of what eBay means to me. 10. Winning! I can still remember bidding … [Read more...]

eBay Debuts A New Logo!

Seventeen years ago this month, eBay created a new way for people to buy and sell practically anything. Today, the eBay name and logo is known world wide. Really, with 260 million searches per day, just try to find someone who doesn't know eBay! That is why making the risky decision to change their logo could not have been an easy one. Check out the new and improved eBay logo... "Our … [Read more...]

Enter Now To Win eBay’s $25,000 Sweepstakes!

eBay is celebrating the 100 millionth listing on a mobile device with a gigantic $25,000 sweepstakes! As we know, parents are constantly on-the-go between soccer practice, carpool, errands and never-ending household chores. As I've blogged before, selling unused household items on eBay to earn extra cash to fund new items, and family activities or to make ends meet is easy. However, let's … [Read more...]

eBay MoneyMakers, An Update with Windy Sibbersen #eBayParent

Remember the Sibbersen family who were featured in eBay’s MoneyMakers video series? I recently had the chance to catch up with Windy Sibbersen, who graciously agreed to answer my questions on all things eBay. Let me tell you, Windy is a "straight shooter", who really knows her stuff. We could have talked all day, and that would have been just fine by me. I hope you find the following … [Read more...]

#eBayParent Twitter, Party Summer Selling!

Score some awesome prizes and gain great selling tips by joining me (@5_dollarshake) and the eBay Parent Panel on Twitter. We'll be tweeting about all things eBay and Summer Selling. Get creative, brain storm, share and learn all you need to know to sell successfully on eBay this summer season. #eBayParent Twitter Party When: 8-9 pm EST Thursday, July 19, 2012 Where: eBay’s Bumebox … [Read more...]

Buy, Sell & Watch With eBay Mobile

Whether your mobile device is an Apple or Android, smartphone or tablet - there's an eBay app for that! Take your eBay experience to the next level and on the go with these official eBay applications. eBay for Android; With the Official eBay app for Android, you can browse, shop, sell and manage all of your eBay activities no matter where you are. And with cutting-edge voice-enabled search, … [Read more...]

Help Finance Your Summertime Fun with eBay #Giveaway

With the the warmer weather finally here and the beginning of summer just around the corner, it's time to start planning and prepping for family fun! For some families this means making expensive vacation travel plans, and for some prepping to make the most of staycations. No doubt, both can be a lot of fun, and eBay can help! Tips on getting the most out of your summer … [Read more...]

eBay MoneyMakers, An Update with Tristen O’Brien

Remember the O’Brien family who were featured in eBay's MoneyMakers video series? While recently attending the eBay Parent Panel Summit, I had the opportunity to spend some time with Tristen O'Brien. I was lucky to have the chance to really pick his brain on all things eBay. Which he could not have been nicer about. I was just as lucky to have him on my team during a game of eBay … [Read more...]

eBay Is Celebrating Mother’s Day !

As you know, Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the funny, amazing, caring women in our lives. This Mother’s Day eBay is celebrating by ‘Creating New Memories’ with the important mothers’ in their lives. How are they doing this? By hosting a number of social media giveaways! Be sure to join eBay's Twitter Party For Moms on May 1 (from 12-2 PT)! Splash Creative Media will be hosting, and party … [Read more...]

eBay’s Memorable Moments Mother’s Day Sweepstakes

There are so many special moments with Mom...but can you pick just one to share? eBay is looking for photos to add to their Mother’s Day Gallery, and they’re choosing one lucky winner everyday! Visit eBay on Facebook and upload your most memorable moment with mom for a chance to win! This is just one way eBay will be helping you celebrate Mother's Day! There is plenty more to … [Read more...]

eBay’s Green Team Personality Quiz & A Chance To Win

eBay has launched a fun Earth Day quiz to help you approach your individual shopping experiences with an Eco-friendly lens. It only takes a minute or two to complete, and once finished, eBay will share Eco-friendly products and inspirations tailored just for you! My answer was "Uniquely Green Techie". My results offered me some great ideas for shopping green, while still shopping for new tech … [Read more...]

My 10 Year eBay Anniversary

I found this in my email yesterday! I thought it would be fun to share a top ten list of what eBay means to me. 10. Winning! I can still remember bidding on my first item. Watching the final minutes count down and how excited I was to see " You are the winner of this item". Big or small - this never gets old. 09. Selling. It didn't take me long after I was introduced to eBay to jump … [Read more...]

The eBay Motors My Vehicles Sweepstakes

eBay Motors has an exciting new contest!! Grand prize of a 2012 Dodge Challenger R/T, plus 20 winners per week with a $50 eBay gift certificate! This sweepstakes started February 15 and is running through March 15. Participants are eligible to win by either adding or by sharing a vehicle to their My Vehicles page on eBay Motors, with one entry for each page view and up to 10 entries per … [Read more...]

5 Tips For Selling on eBay

1. Just do it The best way to learn to sell on eBay, is to dive right in and do it. eBay makes it easy to list your items with their step by step guide and you'll be surprised how quick and painless it really is. 2. Surf and search eBay This is a great way to research prices before you list. Also, while doing this you can list your item by simply clicking "Sell one like this" on any live … [Read more...]

Shop eBay’s New Green Site & Enter to Win $1,000 eBay G.C.

I often preach resale instead of retail. With the help of eBay and eBay Classifieds resale has been a great way for my family to save and also make money. The greenest product is one that already exists. A pre-owned find has history. By bringing it home, you extend its useful life, keep it out of the landfill, and prevent the environmental impact of producing something new. – EBAY Green … [Read more...]

#eBayMoney & My New Year’s Resolution

As I catch up on my blog reads I've been thinking a lot of all the New Year's Resolutions shared. Weight loss, fitness, diet, getting organized. So many blog friends also mentioning their plans for financial changes in 2012. There it is, "financial changes" my one and only New Year's Resolution - and in reality it's the easiest of the bunch for me to achieve. Thanks to my love for eBay! I'm … [Read more...]

Sell AND Give This Holiday Season with eBay

Something I tend to struggle with is being caught up in the shopping and planing of the holiday season. Over the past few years I've made a conscious effort to focus more on giving and contributing to meaningful charities. Even though we don't have much to give, I've found that these opportunities are everywhere. All you have to do is look. With most families feeling effects of the low … [Read more...]

eBay MoneyMakers Video Series & Chance to Win #eBayMoney

eBay is about to unveil their new MoneyMakers video series. The eBay MoneyMakers series profiles real families who have turned to eBay to keep their financial lives on track during tough economic times. These stories, told by the families themselves, show how they were able to make real money online, in a legitimate setting that brought real income to their families. The first story in the … [Read more...]

#eBayHoliday Twitter Party, Monday, Nov. 21

On Monday, November 21, eBay will be hosting it’s first “Holiday Twitter Party” (#eBayHoliday) at ebay.com/holidayparty. The event will give folks the opportunity to chat with eBay experts and get Holiday gifting ideas. The experts will be online from 9AM-4PM PST. Here is the schedule of events – all times PST: · 9-10AM: eBay Toys · 10-11AM: eBay Fashion · 11-12PM: eBay Motors & eBay … [Read more...]

Thinking Outside the Box With eBay Green Team

These days my family puts real effort into living more "green". It was only a few years ago that I thought living green meant simply recycling our aluminum cans. Now that we've taken the time to educate our-selves, we're making more green choices every day. From how we pack our groceries, to double thinking before hitting the print button. We've learned that it all adds up, and it all … [Read more...]

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