Free Museum Day

September 25, 2010 is Free Museum Day! … [Read more...]

Happy Father’s Day

Wishing all the Fathers a very Happy Father's Day today! My husband Gerry and our daughter Allison 6/22/99 … [Read more...]

Beach Towels For Sale

It has been plenty warm to swim and play with water lately. Unfortunately the last three times my granddaughter has come to spend the day with me it has rained. So we decided this time we'll bring the sunshine to us and use our new summer stuff inside the house. We enjoyed a picnic in the living room and then relaxed in the pretend sun on our new huge Dora and Boots beach blankets. They make great … [Read more...]

Unplugged For Mother’s Day

This year for Mother's Day I spent the entire day pretty much unplugged and away from my computer, laptop and iPhone. My Mother's Day was filled with pancakes made by my daughter, having my butt kicked in boardgames and watching movies with my family. It was just the day I needed. … [Read more...]

This Is The Chair

This is the chair that I sat in on my grandmothers porch. For hours, as a young girl singing songs, watching cars go by and listening to my grandmother tell me stories. Years later, this is the same chair my daughter Bethany sat in on that same porch. Most likely singing the same songs and hearing the same stories from my grandmother, her great grandmother. Now, this is the chair Rebecca … [Read more...]

Unplug & Reconnect With Your Kids

My love of technology has really influenced our daughter who is ten and always seems to have her nose online or in her DSi. I'm sure I am not alone on this one. If you are looking for a few new ideas on how to unplug and reconnect with your tech savvy kids, these have really worked great for us. Have a Black Out Night: when night time rolls around keep all the lights and electronics turned … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and safe holiday season. … [Read more...]

Everybody’s Nuts !

I got this box of goodies from Every Body's Nuts asking me to review their Pistachio products. My granddaughter was more then happy to get the googly eyed stuffed pistachio to play with, my daughter was happy to get her hands on the t shirt and hat and the funny little comics we found inside. But lets talk about what the big prize we found inside of this fun box . The delicious Pistachios !! … [Read more...]