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Thank you for your interest in Five Dollar Shake! Five Dollar Shake is a personal blog, written, and edited by me, Jenn Padgett since 2002. I write about my family, the products we use, and the experiences we have. I also focus a lot on entertainment. Like most families, we have times of stretching our budget and I enjoy sharing coupons and current shopping deals (when I find them). Five Dollar Shake is a PR friendly site and I welcome your pitches!

About me and my family:
Very happily married and in my 40’s.
We have two beautiful daughters, ages 17 and 29.
We also have two adorable granddaughters, age 6, and 1 year.
Our daughter and granddaughters live only minutes away, keeping us all very close.
Our family also includes one very spoiled princess of a basset hound and two shenanigans loving black cats.
We live in Michigan, just south of Detroit.

Interests: Family products, movies, television, music, tech, travel, cooking, and camping. Our family loves to camp!

Five Dollar Shake Web Stats (updated March 2017):
Google PR of 3
12,000 unique visitors a month
102,000 page views
12,077 Twitter followers
8,438 Facebook fans
3,252 Instagram followers
4,167 Pinterest followers

What I can do for you:
I’m always on the look out for new products and experiences to share with my readers and friends.

Besides here on my blog, I also share my opinions via social media such as Twitter, Facebook and others, along with a large circle of moms offline. If you are interested in some great word of mouth and online promotion, don’t hesitate to contact me at

Product Features/Reviews:
Reviews are an easy and inexpensive way to get some online attention to your product. A nonreturnable product is required for all reviews. Depending on your product, please allow 6-8 weeks for your review to be published. Please, mention any special requests, like due dates or specific website pages to be linked by email before sending your product. Please note that simply sending a sample does not always guarantee a review.

Giveaways that also include a review are free of charge. If you’d like me to run and promote a giveaway on Five Dollar Shake with out providing a sample, there is a fee. Please email me at for rates. Giveaways are held for 2-3 weeks depending on the product and my schedule. The sponsor is responsable for all shipping and handling of prizes, unless discussed ahead of time.

Sponsored Post/Company Feature:
This is a blog post about your company, website, or even a current sale. This post can include an interview, or review upon request. I can also include provided keywords, links and images. Please email me at for my rates.

Sidebar link or 125px. X 125px image space is available. Please email me at for my rates.

Let’s Connect!
I look forward to working with you! To request more information or to inquire about working together, please email me at