7 Things on Sunday

Seven things I’ve done over the last seven days.


1. Enjoyed the season premiere of True Blood.
2. Let my five year old granddaughter do my hair.
3. Finally replaced a knob in my car that has been gone for over two years.
4. Made our final payment on a big medical bill.
5. Enjoyed a family night at the movies. We saw World War Z. (all six of us loved it)
6. Celebrated my dad’s 70th birthday with family and friends.
7. Celebrated our daughter’s 14th birthday with a sleepover. There were seven 14-15 year old girls here. My ears are still ringing.

Motor City Comic Con 2013

A few weeks ago I took my girls (+ one boyfriend) to the 24th Annual Motor City Comic Con. A three day event here in the Detroit area. This year the number of attendees was a record breaking 20,000, due mostly to a one day appearance of Marvel legend Stan Lee, and media guest Norman Reedus, of The Walking Dead, and The Boondock Saints fame.

The massive crowd sure didn’t stop us from having fun. We loved it.

Bethany with Cas Anvar ( Call of Duty, Halo ).

Her boyfriend Julian with the green Power Ranger.

Captain America is my homeboy!

Allison with her first, and only TV crush, Aaron Ashmore (Smallville, Warehouse 13).


Comic Con is a great place to express your nerdy love, like ours for Star Wars!

Were the lines crazy long? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes! Will we go again? You can count on it. Only thing we’ll do different next year is attend at least two out of the three days, instead only one. It just wasn’t enough time. My daughter Allison is an artist and huge comic book fan, I know she would have enjoyed a second day to visit more with the graphic artist and talent that were there.

We came, we had fun, thanks for kicking our nerdy butts. See ya next year MCCC!

A Teenager Already!

It just feels like yesterday she was born!

Amazing how fast thirteen wonderful years can go by!

Happy 13th birthday to my daughter, Allison!

Enjoying the Snow

I’ve been down all week with a touch of pneumonia. Still not 100% I may not be able to enjoy the snow, but Allison and Roxy sure are.

Charmed Again & By My Daughter

In the late 90′s I fell in-love with the television series Charmed. Sunday night’s were mine to wallow in all of the silly demon fighting, and drama that The Charmed Ones battled each week. I enjoyed every minute of it, but it was the bond of sisterhood that really locked me in season after season (1998-2006). Having a sister (also a big fan of the show) that is my best friend, I could really identify with the unconditional love that the Charmed Ones had for one another. It’s an amazing bond that some sisters are lucky to share, one that stays strong through good times and bad. I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to share this bond with my sister. Just knowing that if big scary demons were to ever attack, my sister Toni would totally have my back, as I would hers. It’s an incredible gift.

Now years later, and thanks to streaming Netflix on our T.V., I’ve been Charmed all over again, and from the beginning. This time experiencing the series with my almost thirteen year old daughter, who is now just as in-love with The Charmed Ones and all of their silly demon fighting and drama as her mother and Aunt have been. Watching it together in our spare time, often late into Friday and Saturday nights has been so much fun. Talking, laughing, and even crying a little as the stories unfold. Now that we’re about to start the final season, I realize how much I am going to miss this time with my daughter. Time away from work, housework, homework, and chores. Time spent just the two of us. It’s been a fabulous way to bond and get to know a little more about my daughter. Someone I am truly Charmed by.

Milk-Bone® Making Our Donation #CBias #iLoveMyK9

Roxy is in-love with the new Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Jerky . Honestly, what’s not to love? Made with 100% jerky, and no artificial flavors or fillers. They smell and look great!

Bringing home all of Roxy’s favorite treats, like delicious Pup-Peroni is just one way we enjoy showing her how much she’s loved. I like to think she knows how lucky she is to be in her forever home.

Knowing not all dogs are as lucky as Roxy, I recently shopped Walmart to create this fun basket of useful puppy products to donate to our local shelter. Complete with yummy Milk-Bone® Puppy Treats.

We took the time to walk through and visit with the dogs. There are just so many in- need! Below is my daughter having a serious pep-talk with a handsome guy that will hopefully be on his way home soon.

I’d like the thank the awesome workers at The Dearborn Animal Shelter (photoed above) for welcoming our visit and seeing that our donation is put to good use. It’s nice to know that with so many animals in-need there are special people like you to help brighten their day!

You can read part one on my #CBias #iLoveMyK9 shop experience here.

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias #iLoveMyK9 All opinions, ideas, and photos are my own.