The J. Geils Band Joins BonJovi’s #BecauseWeCan Tour

Great news! As if I wasn't excited enough for this tour. Adding even more good-time rock and roll to the bill, The J. Geils Band has joined Bon Jovi's Because We Can Tour. Tickets are still available, and here in Michigan you'll be able to catch both bands when the tour stops at Ford field on July 18th. It's going to be an awesome show. I'll be there! Will you? … [Read more...]

Bon Jovi #BecauseWeCan Columbus, OH #Giveaway

When a band has real talent, has been playing together for years, and is truly happy to be performing, the result is a great experience for their fans. I've had the pleasure of seeing Bon Jovi perform a couple of times over the years, and am happy to say that both shows were equally entertaining. Just a whole lot of fun! Well, get ready because Bon Jovi is hitting the road, and bringing all … [Read more...]

Bon Jovi’s New Single #BecauseWeCan

I've been a Bon Jovi fan since high school. I remember hearing Runaway, and literally running to the record store excited to hear what else was on the album (7800° Fahrenheit). The eighties were a fun time for music and Bon Jovi was a huge part of that. With their talent for story telling and great sounding rock and roll, my friends and I just couldn't get enough. Then came the nineties. When most … [Read more...]

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