Online Promotional Branding for Music Acts is More Crucial than Ever

When it comes to outrageous publicity stunts, the music business has never been found wanting. However, the advent of the world wide web has created a serious need for a whole new type of publicity. Promotional branding has become more important than at any other time in the entire history of the industry. Of course, this is every bit as true for almost any business one can think of. However, it … [Read more...]

Vince Vaughn & Co-stars make stock photos look cool #StarStock #UnfinishedBusiness

Vince Vaughn and his Unfinished Business co-stars are featured in a set of cheesy Stock Photos and the results are totally awesome! In-fact they are the best thing I've seen on the web all week. Brought to you by Twentieth Century Fox and iStock by Getty Images, the hilarious (photoshopped) photos are available for free download—for editorial use only. Twelve images are being released over … [Read more...]

Opening up & managing night clubs

Nightlife venues play a very big part in the economies of major cities and resort areas. Las Vegas is without a doubt a nightlife mecca on the west coast of the United States. Real estate developers and other investors are cashing in on the tremendous opportunities for opening up and managing popular night clubs, lounges, bars, restaurants and other similar venues. Real estate developer Andrew … [Read more...]

The Internet doesn’t have to be a confusing place to shop

Shopping online is a sign of the times. It can also be a great way to start a business. Entertaining the notion of owning a business, also takes an enormous amount of planning, thousands of start-up dollars, and too many hours of work. Many people dismiss the idea after considering the odds. However, there is a way to have an online company without all of the pain. 1 - Technology Teamed with … [Read more...]