The cost of college tuition

In the 1940s only 25% of adults had college degrees. Today it has become all but essential to get a four year degree if you want a fair attempt and finding a good job, but not even a degree guarantees you a career. We’ve all heard that college graduates are entering a meager job market, but now they are also graduating with large amounts of student loan debt to pay for as well. Not only has the … [Read more...]

CampusBookRentals & Operation Smile

Operation Smile is an international children's charity whose primary goal is to provide care, support and safe surgical care to repair a cleft lip or cleft palette. Did you know that every three minutes, a child is born with a cleft? One of ten of those children will not live to see their first birthday. Children who survive past their first year are often unable to speak, socialize or smile. … [Read more...]

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