7 Things on Sunday, a blog list of resolutions

This week's seven things is like a resolution list for my blog. Seven things I plan to improve, focus-on or achieve in 2016. Focus more on publishing good content. Upgrade my camera, and learn how to use it. Which will upgrade the quality of photos that I share. Run a full back-up more often. Just to be safe. Increase my social engagement. It's not just about the numbers. Get back to living … [Read more...]

Gleek Retreat 10′

I had the pleasure of attending the first Into The Woods Retreat. Honestly the retreat was a treat in it's self. Hidden with in Michigan's beautiful woods we were pampered in a relaxing setting, offered massages and treated to delicious home made food. That was in addition to the awesome company us bloggers bring to any gathering! It was great to meet some new blogging friends and to … [Read more...]