Salvation Army find turns into a great addition to family game night!


Found this little gem at my local Salvation Army store. I couldn’t pass it by, the blue tag was marked $4.99, lucky for me, it was half off blue tag day! Even though I had no clue what it was, I knew that I couldn’t go wrong paying $2.50 for it.

It was a well-constructed felt-lined box with the numbers 1-9 that could be flipped forward and back.
It included two dice and instructions for the card game Rook. I immediately went home and scoured the internet for searches on wood, numbers, dice, anything that might give me an idea of what this game was all about.

I finally discovered that the game is called “Shut the Box”. By rolling the two die, your object is to turn down all 9 of the numbers on the board. You accomplish this by adding up the total of the two dice, then turn down the numbered blocks equal to that value. If you would roll 12 (two 6’s),you could turn down any combination of blocks that equal 12. To illustrate, when rolling a 12,the 1,2,4 & 5 could be chosen; The game continues until there are no more possible combinations to be turned over, or, if someone actually goes out by turning down all the numbers, to which they proclaim, “Shut the Box”.


We’ve had many hours of fun with this game, any number of players can participate. We like to total up 10 games before we declare a winner. The winner is that person who has the overall lowest score.

Another nice thing is that it’s a very portable game, we even take it camping with us where it’s a big hit. Everyone is intrigued the first time that they see it, it catches their attention, since it’s nothing they’ve ever seen before. Even those who don’t necessarily play games at least try it once.

You’ll find many places on the web where you can order this game, from cheap plastic versions, to elaborate handmade wooden boxes. I’ve gifted several and the recipients love them. Treat yourself to a great addition to family game night.

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PS3 or XBox 360

We have a PS3 in our living room. Even though it is technically my husband’s game console, the entire family has been using it to game, watch movies, and even listen to music for a couple of years now. It’s a great machine! Easy to use, and to control. Not being a gamer myself, I’m always entertained by how passionate real video game fans (gamers) are about their gaming consoles. Even our thirteen year old has a strong liking to one over the other. They will argue to the death for hours on this subject. I find it so funny, when they do. For example, our daughter, 25 years old, is a big XBox 360 fan. Her XBox is the center of her entertainment, she uses it to also game, watch movies and listen to music. I’ve watched Netflix on her Xbox 360 while babysitting for our granddaughter, and also find it like the PS3, pretty easy to use and to control. What makes one better than the other? Is it the actual games? Yet, the consoles are used for so much more than games. Is it the size and shape of the controller? The size of hard drive or the online interface? I’d really like to know. They seem pretty equal to me, yet the owners of both, like my husband and daughter will no doubt continue to argue that not to be the case. As I will continue to shake my head and to be entertained by listening.

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