7 Things on Sunday

Seven things I've done over the past seven days. Finished setting up our Christmas decorations. Made dinner and Christmas shopping plans with a good friend. Cut a couple of inches off my hair. The older I get, the shorter it seems to get. Made the switch back to an iPhone (7 plus) after my Galaxy Note crashed. Unfortunately I lost all of my contacts in the process. Ugh. The struggle is … [Read more...]

Xfinity X1 Platform, getting lost within the guide & On Demand features #XfinityReviewer

We recently upgraded to the new Xfinity X1 Platform. While most cable companies offer premium HD entertainment packages, it would appear they are not all created equal. The Xfinity X1 interface is impressive right from the start up. Stunning picture quality (full HD 1080p even with On demand), and up to date features that have greatly improved our home entertainment experience. The Xfinity … [Read more...]

The Future of TV is here! My Xfinity™ TV GO app review #TVGO

I recently downloaded The Xfinity™ TV GO app for review. Being such a big movie and television watcher, and perfectly happy with my current watching habits (both cable and streaming online), I was curious to see if an app would enhance my viewing experience. Or would it be something I use for a minute and then disregard. XFINITY™ TV Go app: "Now you can watch live TV from on any device, … [Read more...]

Disney Movies Anywhere app Celebrates Moms Anywhere!

Celebrate Mother's Day with your favorite Disney movies with Disney Movies Anywhere. If you're family is like mine, "Disney obsessed", you're going to love this app! Watch full Disney, Marvel and Pixar movies on your iPhone, iPad or laptop computer with the Disney Movies Anywhere app. This includes all your favorites like Frozen, Marvel's The Avengers and Finding Nemo! Learn … [Read more...]

EZ Buy Direct, find your case online for less. Review & Giveaway

If you have a teenager with a smartphone or tablet in the house, then you already know all about the selfie! Kids will twist and turn and reach in all kinds of directions to get the photo opp. Putting their phones at risk to be dropped. While owning tech toys like smartphones and tablets is fun for kids, it can be of importance for us as parents. Like having the freedom to connect with our … [Read more...]

Keeping Track of Life With The HapiMomi App #Review

FTC Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Monetary payment has been received. This post contains no affiliate links. "HapiMomi is an easy-to-use app that helps you organize, share and plan with your family, privately. Share a single family phone book, calendar, shopping list, diary and to do list. Imagine a private social network just for your family, the family wall. Hapimomi is free and … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Adapter and USB Cable Deal

Attention iPhone 5 owners or soon to be owners! Check out this deal on an iPhone 5 Adapter and USB Cable for only $15. This would be a great holiday gift for any iPhone 5 owner. "Don't let your old iPhone accessories collect dust simply because they're incompatible with the new iPhone 5. This adapter converts 30 pin devices to the new 8 pin, so you can easily plug your iPhone 5 into your … [Read more...]

Marble Jar App Review

We downloaded … [Read more...]

Marble Jar Update

A couple of weeks ago I introduced my readers to Marble Jar. All opinions are still 100% my own. … [Read more...]

eBay Instant Sale App

The eBay Instant Sale for iPhone app provides a simple way to get cash for your electronics or recycle them for free right from your phone. Don't have the time to auction off your old gadgets? With Instant Sale, you'll receive an immediate cash offer for your laptops, smartphones, tablets, PDAs, cameras, GPS and other electronic devices - in three easy steps. 1. Look up what you own, tell … [Read more...]

Trying Out Marble Jar

Being such a tech savvy family we are always searching for new downloads and apps we can use as family. Our newest download is Marble Jar. All opinions are still 100% my own. … [Read more...]

eBay Classifieds & Pets

Here are a couple of fun freebies every pet lover should check out, via eBay Classifieds. eBay Classifieds have recently launched the new eBay Classifieds Pets iPhone App, which allows users to find out when their desired pet becomes available locally on eBayClassifieds.com. Through their partnerships with the Humane Society and Petfinder, eBay Classifieds is a top resource for the adoption of … [Read more...]

eBay Classifieds, Earn & Save

Looking for an easy way to earn a few bucks before the holiday shopping season arrives? How about some motivation to clean out the toy box and crowded closets at the same time? Check out eBay Classifieds! eBay's new way to buy and sell locally for free. It's like having a yard sale but with out all the hard work. You can also use eBay Classifieds to search for jobs, pets or even a new place to … [Read more...]