7 Things on Sunday, things I focused on while not blogging

I've been blogging in one form or another for over fifteen years. Mostly as a hobby, but over the past six or seven years also as a part-time job, creating a nice additional income for my family, while also working a day job. As much as I love blogging, which is a lot, or I obviously would not still be doing it after all of these years, I recently found myself in major need of stepping away. So, I … [Read more...]

Houses vs Apartments, The Pros & Cons

Buying a house vs. renting an apartment – which one is the better choice? Gone are the days when apartment living is considered as the only choice for financially challenged families and individuals. Nowadays, even those people with enough money choose to rent an apartment than buy a house.  Renting an apartment has now become a lifestyle choice. It’s not longer taken as a sign of a financial … [Read more...]

10 Practical Tips to Help You Buy a House before You Turn 30

Who wouldn’t want to have a house to call his own? Of course, everyone is dreaming about it. It’s part of everybody's goals in life. However, it is not something that can be easily achieved especially for a person who is not careful and mindful about his/her expenses. The tendency is that after school, during your first few years of working, all you care about is buying or spending money on … [Read more...]

7 Things on Sunday, a blog list of resolutions

This week's seven things is like a resolution list for my blog. Seven things I plan to improve, focus-on or achieve in 2016. Focus more on publishing good content. Upgrade my camera, and learn how to use it. Which will upgrade the quality of photos that I share. Run a full back-up more often. Just to be safe. Increase my social engagement. It's not just about the numbers. Get back to living … [Read more...]

7 Things on Sunday

Seven things I've done over the past seven days. 1. Shopped for Christmas gifts online. Free shipping is the bomb! 2. Watched the season finale of Gracepoint, and found it very anticlimactic when the killer was my very first guess. 3. Enjoyed an evening of dinner, and board games with my parents. 4. Had to turn my head while my grandbaby had her ears pierced. 5. Spent an … [Read more...]

Notes to Self Review & Giveaway

Words are powerful.Choosing to use more positive words will improve anyone's mindset and performance in life. Now using positive words to promote happiness and self-love can be as simple as looking at ones feet. Currently raising one teenage daughter, and having raised one now-grown daughter, who has a daughter of her own, I can tell you that you can never have too much positive influence … [Read more...]

We’re planning ahead for retirement

With my husband and I both in our mid 40's we've started thinking and planning ahead for retirement. Even though we're still years away from it, we feel it's never too early to make plans. There are just so many things to consider, like choosing between staying at home and moving to assisted living. Brought to you by: Merrill Gardens Retirement Community … [Read more...]

Where have I been ??

I was hacked! A few days ago my main email address was hacked. Some of you may have gotten an email from me stating that I was stranded out of the country and needed money to return home. Rest assured - I"m fine, home in Michigan, safe and sound! Though, I am confident to now have all my accounts safe and secure, the processes unfortunately cost me a month of emails and email contacts. Oh, did I … [Read more...]

7 Things on Sunday (on a Monday)

Seven things I've done over the past seven days. 1. Stressed over too many things I can't control. 2. Enjoyed spending an evening with my parents. 3. Stayed up way too late watching reruns of Army Wives. 4. Had a wicked kidney infection get me down. 5. Sold two items in my local Facebook group. 6. Took my daughter shopping for school supplies. 7. Enjoyed an evening of barbeque and … [Read more...]

When Did My Phone Become My Third Kidney?

I did the unthinkable yesterday. I left for the office and totally forgot my phone! It was not only inconvenient to spend eight hours without it, it totally messed with my head. I spent a lot of my day in the office thinking thoughts like these: How will my daughter text me? I don't have my calender! What am I missing? I could have a blog post due today. Doctors appointment! Oh my gawd - … [Read more...]

This is 40-something – A Somewhat Movie Review

Pete and Debbie (Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann) reunite after first hooking up in Knocked-Up for a “sort of” sequel to that 2007 hilarious flick. After years of marriage, Pete lives in a house of all females: wife Debbie and their two daughters, eight-year-old Charlotte (Iris Apatow) and 13-year-old Sadie (Maude Apatow). As he struggles to keep his record label afloat, he and Debbie must figure … [Read more...]